17 June 2014

Thankful for the sun and water and everything else

I really have a great life and I'm so thankful. My family is mostly nearby and close. My parents are alive and living in a place where they're happy and well-taken care of. My daughter is 20 and doing well. I'm healthy and active and fit. I was down, but I'm back up thanks to my good friends and sunny disposition. I don't know why I'm a naturally happy person, but I am and always have been.

I switched my day off so for the 4th time this spring I've been off work from Saturday afternoon to Wednesday morning. The weather has been great every long weekend so far. So lucky! Last week I had my regular schedule and worked on Tuesday and it rained all day. Not this time!

I went out with my co-worker Debbie on Saturday night. This is only the second time in all the years we've worked together that we've socialized. We went to Annapolis. Had sushi at my favorite place. We went to 3 different bars/restaurants for live music. We liked the last place best. It was a great night out. 

My sister Lisa, nephew Ryan and I went to lunch at The Annapolitan for Father's Day.

Afterward my sister came back with me and we spent the day at my community pool. I swam a mile. It takes about 50 minutes. I can't believe I have the stamina and patience to swim that long. I'm still sore from it. I occasionally have shoulder problems and I pushed myself and my shoulder hurts a little again. I won't be swimming the rest of the week so I'll rest it.

I met my friend Kit yesterday morning (Monday) for a day at Sandy Point State Park. I hadn't been there in a decade! It's about 30 minutes from my house on the Chesapeake Bay. It has concessions, a bathhouse, etc. It was so nice! I was told it gets very, very crowded on weekends. The weather was in the 80's and it was breezy. We stayed for 8 hours!!

The Bay Bridge

We went out to dinner afterward and ate outside. You know how much I love being outside.

This morning I was at my friend Nancy's at 9:30. We kayaked over to a floating dock in another cove. We tied up and jumped in the river. Well, I jumped. We swam and hung out and talked and finally got back in our kayaks and moved on. I left her house and....went back to Sandy Point State Park. It's only a few miles from her house and only $4 to get in, so why not? It felt like day 2 of a beach vacation.

It was SO hot today. Close to 100 degrees. There was a breeze. I stayed under my umbrella when I wasn't in the water. I only stayed for a few hours. I needed my pool. That was my next stop.

It's Tuesday night now. My laundry is done and lunch made for tomorrow. I'm ready to go back to work. It's been a great long weekend/vacation. I'm back to my regular schedule till the middle of July. I love being off on Thursdays too.

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