03 June 2014

Catching up, slowly

This is the third week in a row of switching days off from Thursday to Tuesday. Each weekend has felt like a vacation, since I'm off on Sunday and Monday too. I'm sitting on my deck and here's a typical view:

Sparky loves being on the deck. He's quiet here. It's a view we both love. I'll buy flowers for the pots today to improve it.

I got very sick after doing all the kayaking,etc that I did the weekend before while sick. I went to work last Wednesday and spiked a fever that night. Awful! I went to the doctor's Thursday and found out I have bronchitis. I took Thursday and Friday off to rest. My friend Kit visited and so did my sister. They both brought me food! I had to cancel a kayak trip on Sunday, and yoga yesterday. I have a cough...annoying but not bad. Mostly I get easily winded. I'm not much for relaxing, until this was forced on me. It's been quite enjoyable!

I was invited to hang out on my neighbor's boat on Saturday night. It's in a marina about 20 minutes from home. We sat outside and relaxed. It was beautiful. Peaceful. I love that my state has so much water!

Saturday afternoon I strolled West St. in Annapolis with my sister for the First Sunday Arts something or other. The day was beautiful! That night I went to my friend's Nancy and Doug's house. That's who I kayaked and boated with the weekend before. I sat on their dock for a while. Their neighborhood of about 60 houses was having a get-together. Dinner was at one person's house, then dessert at my friend's. I was invited for that. It was great. Everyone had name tags on, including my own hand-made one. Everyone was very friendly. I felt like a co-host! Nancy and Doug have been great friends to me and I love their company.


I walked 3 miles yesterday morning and it felt fine. I did things around the house. Went grocery shopping. I got to my community pool around 2:00. Another gorgeous day! I swam 4 laps and was winded! So disappointing! I guess it takes a while to get over this sickness! I was forced to drink iced coffee and read a magazine. Oh, what a life! I stayed for hours. I cooked dinner for a change, ate on the deck, and stayed outside till dark. Life is good. Sometimes I get down, but then I get back up.

Today I must visit my parents. It's been too long! I stayed away because I was sick. I also have to go to Marshall's to find new clothes. I don't have one pair of capris that fit. I've lost weight and everything is too big! What a problem to have...

Time to walk and then shower. I'll still have lots of time to relax today later on. So thankful!

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Glad you finally rested!

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