14 June 2014

Time on my hands

I have a break at work and thought I'd take advantage of the time to do some writing. Before I get back into the habit of not writing.

It's been a much better week because I've been able to resume my activities! I swam a mile last Sunday in the outdoor community pool. Cold, but just fine. I broke the swim into 3 parts. My version of taking it easy. On Monday I walked 4 miles, then visited my mom. We had a great day together. We went to the mall and had lunch, then she had a manicure and pedicure. She was so happy!

I pass my friend Nancy's house on my way home from my parent's. She and her husband live on a bluff overlooking the Severn River. I saw her car and called her to see if she wanted to sit outside. She asked if I wanted to kayak instead. I always want to kayak! We paddled for at least 5 miles and it was such a gorgeous day. It was so enjoyable. On my way home I found myself singing. I thought to myself, I'm happy! My emotions have been such a rollercoaster since my breakup. I've been pretty down, waiting for the up that I know is coming. It's still not everyday, but I'll get there.

I've walked 4+ miles a few times this week, plus more in the evenings. Sparky loves it. I listen to my audio book. It's a good thing. I swam a mile on Thursday in my indoor pool. Thank goodness for that pool. It saved my sanity over the long cold winter. 

Being back to being active has been wonderful. I have too much time on my hands. What a problem!

I went on a date on Wednesday night with a guy I met online. We had a great time helped along by a few beers. We met the next day for a late lunch without alcohol. It was a big no :-)

I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend. I'm sure mowing, swimming and biking will be part of it. I will go to the Father's Day lunch at the assisted living. I'll fill the weekend somehow. I always do. 

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Josie Two Shoes said...

This is a great, upbeat post. I am so glad you are recovering both physically and emotionally. Sadness and Cheryl just don't fit together in my mind at all! I know that all the physical exercise you get, especially outdoors, works wonders to soothe the soul. Sorry that your 2nd date didn't go as well, funny how alcohol changes things. People can be so clever and amusing, but not always so charming when sober, and that is of course the more genuine state. My ex was so cute when under the effects of one thing or another, not nearly so adorable when going thru withdrawals. I'd much rather be with someone who can be just as fun and interesting in everyday life. Keep looking, the most awesome guy ever is out there waiting for you, I just know it! :-) And by the way, I just love that you take such good care of your Mama, it warms my heart to see that as I get farther along in years!

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