13 January 2017

A part of my story

It's been so long since I've uploaded a picture to my blog. It wasn't easy to do on my iPad but I did it!

This is my makeup table and chair. Both have a history and are very dear to me. I bought the Singer sewing table from Goodwill at least 35 years ago. It was in perfect condition. The sewing machine that's hidden inside is beautiful. I've always used this as my makeup table. The chair is the only remaining piece from a table with six 'regular' chairs that date back to  at least the early 1960's. It was our family table. At some point early in my brother's marriage, he took the set. I kept this 'ice cream parlor' type of chair for myself. I've always used it at my makeup table. I've also always used a lighted makeup mirror. Those, of course, have been replaced over the years. I plan to keep this little station of mine forever.


Just J said...

This was lovely! New things never have the character and emotional connection as pieces who have been used and loved over time! I was taught to sew by my grandmother on a treadle sewing machine just like that! The chair goes perfect with it too, a comfy spot for makeup and combing those lovely curls! It was fun to have this little peak into a private space of your home! <3

KathyA said...

I have a Singer sewing table that was my MomMom's!
I do love your make-up station.

Jamie said...

I used to have a set-up similar to this, my make up has never looked as good! Even finding a lighted make up mirror is difficult, although it is still possible. Thanks for a blast from the past!


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