16 January 2017

I should take a walk

I should've known better than to go to the gym on a holiday. I think I've established that I don't like to exercise. I'm trying to firm up my body and stay in kayaking form during the winter so I'm making myself swim. Once I'm in the water and on lap 6 I actually begin to enjoy it. I got to the gym at around 1:00. I don't usually look in at the pool to see how many people are swimming, but today I did and there were 5 people swimming in 4 lanes. When I got to the locker room there were 2 women in suits ready to hit the pool. I walked over to the pool and there was an additional person waiting. So here I am in a very crowded Starbucks where everyone else is, not swimming. The good news is that 1. I cleaned my house before I left 2. I'm drinking my favorite drink and writing this

I'd like to be here right now

I'll be going to Florida in February and in March. I'm so happy to have that to look forward to.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Such a beautiful photo, it has serenity written all over it! I can understand that the crowd at the pool was enough reason to walk away. It's a challenge just to go there in the first place much less wait for a turn to swim. I smiled that you ended up at Starbucks instead, and we got to enjoy this lovely post because of it. I am delighted that you get to go Florida in February and March, and can't wait for the pictures to show up! It's not that far away now!!

Jamie said...

Being in the pool sounds heavenly!

Happy, so happy that you are doing what you want, going where you love, having a good life.

Big Hugs. :)

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