05 January 2017

Week One

Oh my! Do I even remember how to blog? It doesn't matter. I'm going to pretend that I've never done it before. Only those who knew me as a regular blogger will know.

I received a 5-year journal before Christmas. There are only a few lines available for each day and I just couldn't wait till January 1 to start writing. With that limited amount of space, what I write has to be 'just right.' No erasing allowed. Most important, it has to be interesting enough to look back on. That's a tall order for a little book. Here, I can write whatever I want. I'm going to try to be like Jamie and write once a week. I spend/waste so much time on social media; surly I have time for this. A big thank you to Josie for writing and prompting me to check out her blog. My blogging friends mean the world to me.

Today was a day off. I spent most of the morning jittery from strong coffee. And cold! I spent hours looking for a vacation rental in N Myrtle beach for a trip with my sisters this summer. Coordinating our availability with my work schedule and cost restraints made it really difficult and its not solved yet. After all that, my GA sister and I spoke on the phone and she's going to get in touch with a friend who has a place in Hilton Head. We stayed there 2 years ago. There was a lot I loved about it, but I really missed being oceanfront. I know...small problem in the scheme of things. I just love a beach and palm trees.

My boyfriend Gregg thinks I'm so athletic. I'm not. I hate to work out. I'm amazed that I kayak. And proud. He's very, very athletic. He goes to the gym at least 3 times a week and exercises at home. He says he needs it for stress-reduction and he likes being strong. He runs, lifts weights, kayaks, etc. He's in great physical shape. My shape is soft but he loves me the way I am. Still... it's hard having a boyfriend with all those muscles and motivation. It really is true about age...if you don't fight what the body wants to do, it's all downhill. I wish I didn't have to do anything. Sometime before Christmas I went to the gym and swam 6 times in 2 weeks. I was on a roll. Then came lots of doctor appointments for my mom and then the holidays. Today I went to the gym and swam. I was almost ready to give up after 2 laps. By 6 laps I was getting into a rhythm. I completed 18 laps. It felt so good afterwards! I'm motivated, but will it last? I did say I don't like to exercise. I really just want a better body, truth be told.

OK...I've started.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I was so delighted when I got your message and then saw your comment on Jamie's page! Weekly updates on life will be wonderful from both of you! Facebook is great for knowing someone is still among the living, but not really a good place for sharing much else. A five year journal would be awesome, I'd probably bail out by the end of a month, I so dislike writing without the ability to edit! We are spoiled with technology. :-) This was so interesting to me because I picture you as so athletic from all your FB activities, and most definitely you staying in good shape, so now I know you have to work at wanting to do it, but it is so worth it, you still look like a kid yet, and will live long and well! I think Gregg is a great gift in your life and I'm sure he does find soft nice! I am like you, I really want to see those waves washing on the beach at sunrise and sunset, but Hilton Head is a very lovely place. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, can't believe all that's transpired in all of our lives in the past almost ten years! Let's stay friends forever! <3

Jamie said...

I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU HERE! And if I had something to do with your decision to write again, then yay me -- LOL.

I so understand exactly what you say about working out and feeling fit and hell, looking great more than anything. But let me be a bit of a bummer here --- do it for me. I cannot. And you know, I used to swim and visit the gym and walk, and walk and walk. Now, all I can do is exist and I cry and wish and carry on and feel sorry for myself, but I cannot do any more. Not yet. I still have hope that I will be able to, as soon as the next surgery fixes me, or the next one, or the next one, wheneverthehell that might be. But without hope, there is nothing. So, think of me, and get yourself to the gym or the pool our out in your neighborhood, because I remember when you were a walker. Those of us who can and don't are asking for trouble, at least that is my view anymore.

Cheryl -- soo, soo, SOO happy to see you here again. I am wanting to keep at this, maybe we can help each other stay with it again.

Much love and big hugs ---


Annabel said...

Good to see you back writing. I should try to do the same.

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