28 November 2006

I really enjoyed my 6 days off of work. I never have that amount of time to spend at home and I got a lot accomplished. The yard was raked, outside lights put on, and the inside totally decked out for Christmas. This is the second year that I did that during Thanksgiving, and it really helps my stress level to do it early. I host 2 parties here, and I like the house to look nice. Plus, doing it early lets me enjoy it for a long time. Emily was a big help this year. She did the tree with me. I got a kick out of her commenting on the ornaments as she took them out of the containers. "I remember this one!" And, "I've always loved that one," etc. She tried to get me to agree not to buy more Christmas stuff. Right.

Today was my first day back to work. It was also my first day without any caffeine. I never drink it on work days because I fear it will give me the shakes. After having it for 6 days in a row, today was hard. I felt tired and sluggish all day. Tomorrow will be better. Then, the next day will be Thursday, I'm off, and can have my fix again.

I also made a decision today to be much better about what I eat. I was really bad around Halloween and bought and ate 5 bags of candy corn. Yes, I love that stuff. Pure sugar. It started my downfall, and I have to stop it now, or I'll be sorry. Today was my first day of eating right. It was hard, I had the munchies, but I didn't give in. I had fat free popcorn for dessert instead of my Caramel Moose Tracks ice cream, which I love. A lot. Two days ago I told Emily to stay away from it because it was mine. I just called down to her and told her I thought she should have some. As much as she wants.

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