06 November 2006

It's tomorrow and I said I'd write again. Yesterday seems like so long ago. I remember it was a good day (think hard). I woke really early and decided to try out a few bites of the popcorn I just got in the mail. Just to make sure it tasted OK, ya know? Did I say this was at 7 AM? It tasted like kettle corn drizzled with choclolate. It was heavenly. Dinner's in the oven but I just had to sample my other bag of Peanut Butter Drizzle. That's done. At least they were small bags, you know? Anyway, I got a bunch of things done around the house in the morning, Emily did her homework and weekly chores and then we were off to the mall. I told Emily I'd buy her a coat she liked at the Gap at Arundel Mills. I had a Starbucks espresso to power me up, and we shopped. Nothing for me, a few tops and the jacket for Emily. There was such a mood of Christmas at the mall that we decided to see The Santa Claus 3 at the theatre. It was pretty silly. It was weird seeing that the actress that portrays Mrs. Claus is the same one playing one of the 'others' on Lost. By the end of the movie we were starved and went to Golden Corral for dinner. It was the first time I had to pay full price for Emily. Can you believe how often I've been eating out? We had a pretty hilarious moment at the restaurant. I went to stab a big mushroom with my fork and it jumped from my plate onto the floor. We watched the waitress walk by it a few times, completely missing it. Then, a customer's shoe pushed it beside her diaper bag. We were hysterical with laughter. We tried to take a picture, but couldn't get a good shot. It was pretty funny. All in all, a good day and night.

I spent most of the day today with my mother. My parents live in Bowie, about 25 minutes from here. I took my mom to WalMart, her very favorite store. We shopped for clothes for her, White Stag being her favorite brand. I know, I'm not being very nice. We went to lunch at Tony Roma's. My third time in 9 days. She had a coupon for a free entree for her birthday. We love to eat out together. It's almost 7 PM now, and I still haven't fed my daughter. Time to finish it up. I, of course, won't be eating much. The popcorn, you know.

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