25 November 2006

I started writing an e-mail about buying my digital camera, but decided to post it here instead. It was way too long-winded to put in a letter. Here goes: I love my camera. I take a million pictures. It's slim enough to slide in my pocket, and that matters. I made the research for the purchase way too complicated, but did wind up with a great camera at a great price. I poured over every magazine article, every review site the web had to offer, etc... I really had information overload. Every camera has pros and cons. I'd go to the stores to look at the cameras I researched, but still couldn't make up my mind. One day while at Wal-Mart, I decided to check out their camera department. One of the most helpful salesmen to date came over to assist me. I told him how confused I was, and why. He said, well, you know you can buy a camera here and return it with no questions asked. That started my buying and returning. That was when I got my real education. I tried 3 different Canon models. That's what I thought I wanted. I tried a few Kodak's. I thought I had my mind made up with a Canon when I was convinced to try one other model of Kodak. It's an Easyshare v550. It's really easy. It's very cool looking, especially with it's sky blue silicone skin. It's not going to be my forever camera, but it's great for now.

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