13 November 2006

Thanks Jonathon for the html help. I wanted a picture in the blog header and couldn't figure out how to do it. The background design in my title is actually my curtain fabric. Very cool. Oh, I did mean to work on that today. So sad it still isn't done. I wonder what I've been doing instead? Working on my blog? Randomly pasting code here and there? Yup. I did get my oil changed, drove Emily to school, read the newspaper, grocery shopped and did laundry. And raked more leaves.

Em and I had a busy weekend. I drove to the Annapolis Mall Borders after work on Saturday so I could see the band that was playing. They were great and I wish it were a weekly feature. Kit met me at the cafe and then we strolled the mall. We picked up a shrimp and crabcake platter and headed for her 'weekend' home in Sherwood Forest, just a few miles away. Emily met us there after the U of MD football game. We had a very 'Kit' evening, a 'Sherwood Summit'. She'd created a list of 'interesting questions to generate conversation' including: What is your idea of a good adventure?, Are there any interesting countries or states that Cheryl wants to visit?, What would be a good career for Emily?, What would you do with a million dollars? and many more. We engaged in the conversations during dinner and throughout the night. Kit loves to make memories, and she had the get-together all planned out. We both happened to have our laptops and were thrilled to find that Sherwood has it's own wireless network. Yes! to no more dial-up. We showed each other our favorite web sites, blogs, picture albums, etc. We talked, read, ate, etc., and finally turned in. Em and I shared the room with the bunkbeds and I heard every twist and turn from above. I don't usually sleep very well away from home, but it wasn't too bad. In the morning we headed back to the mall (which was totally dressed up for Christmas), and Kit surprised Emily with a very generous gift card to her favorite store. We had a great lunch at Nordstrom's. In the late afternoon, we went our separate ways. Mundane? Not very. Ladeda
PS...new pictures and music in my onetruemedia montage.


Andrew said...


You're welcome and it looks great!!!

Jonathon Andrew

Andrew said...

I added a link to you on my blog. I hope that is okay with you. I guess I should have asked first. Take care and have a great day. I have enjoyed catching up on your older posts. I had lost your link when I reformatted my computer.

Jonathon Andrew

Anonymous said...

It was a memorable night. I like the reference to a 'Kit' evening. The list generated some great talks, and it was a BONUS to have wireless.

I loved going to the Apple store on Sunday. It was better than the photo booth at the beach.


Sarah said...

Wow, check you out! More comments than just mine now... hmmm... I have fallen off the blogosphere, haven't I? I'm doing the mundane now.

Blog looks spectacular by the way. I might need to come for a haircut AND blog help now. I'm so behind. Will I ever catch up?


love you know who

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