01 January 2009

Lazy start, then I'll run

Cause I have a running kind of life. I'm happy to be sitting on the couch, sort of. I'd be happier if there were 36 hours in a day so I wouldn't feel like I'm wasting away part of the day. That's just me.

I had a fabulous time at Bon's New Year's Eve soiree. My plan had been to drop Emily off at her friend's, stay a while, and be home by midnight. At 12:14 I saw my daughter had texted me a New Year's wish at midnight, then again with, where are you? I was the last guest to leave well past midnight. I only had one drink. I don't D&D. There was wonderful food made by Bon and her husband Steve. I finally got to sample their cooking. The house was filled with neighbors and friends. Karen and her husband Ken were there and we spent a lot of time hanging out. It was amazing to see that a few of Bon's friends are clients at my salon. It's a small world. I finally left and picked up Emily. We stayed up till 2 AM, and somehow, after waking up at 6:30 AM, I fell back asleep for 2 more hours. That never, ever happens. And here I am. I've been on my laptop for hours. Emily is still asleep. I'll need to get up and going soon. The family will gather at my parent's for a New Year's Day meal.

Welcome 2009!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Sounds like you had fun. Happy New Year's.

Rick Rockhill said...

Perfect way to ring in the new year Cheryl. Best wishes to you, and enjoy the day off!

beachgirl said...


Gin said...

What a fun NY's eve you had!! Ours was so boring in comparison! We watched the ball drop in Time Square with Dick Clark(can't believe he's still around!!) and it was midnight in NYC, but only 11pm here. We went to bed then. No drinks, no party...we just acted like old people!! haha

Gulf Coast said...

Cheryl, here is the recipe for "Worlds Best Lasagna".



I just love this site.

fiwa said...

That sounds like a great New Year's Eve. Any party with you & Bon would have to be good. :)

I went to one too, and stuffed myself with delicious homemade egg rolls and to-die-for-pulled pork. But I was home and in bed by 10:30 because I am ooooooold.

Happy New Year!

jAMiE said...

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself, good!

I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for you...

ps...glad you went back to sleep...and i hope you enjoyed your meal with your family.

Jamie said...

I'm caught up with you once again--Miss a few days of YOUR life, and miss alot! How is your knee? When are you going to the dr, or have you already?

Happy New Year to you, Cheryl. This year will be the best, you just wait and see. Exciting things in store for you!

I'll bet the party at Bon's was awesome...I think she is pretty great.

Hugs, honey.


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