29 January 2009


I'm so disgusted with myself. I know that sounds extreme. Why is it that weight has such an effect on us? Or on some of us? I'm gaining weight. My clothes are getting tight. I'm eating stupid stuff, and then feeling depressed. I'm not overweight, but working on it. Oh joy! The knee is what started it. I couldn't swim. Couldn't do my walking. Today will be my 5th time back to the pool. I did my walking DVD once this week. I'll go swimming today. I have an appointment with an orthopedist this afternoon, even though my knee is 80% better. Now I just have to control my eating.

Time to stop procrastinating and get my bathing suit on. Hard to do when it's in the 20's outside, but not impossible.



Mary said...

I can totally understand and identify with each and every word. I had to lay down to zip my jeans this morning. I blame the long dark days of January. Surely I can't be at fault. HA!! we know better.

KathyA said...

Welcome to my world!

Brad said...

Now don't be so hard on your self. Your in GREAT shape and IF you put on a few, you'll have it off in no time.

I think you look awesome.

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