07 January 2009

The thing about titles

The thing about titles is that they're sometimes hard to come up with.

I got an envelope in the mail yesterday, hand-addressed to me with no return address. No note, no nothing. Inside was the drivers license I lost in October 2006. The license was in perfect condition. It will remain a mystery. My picture on that license was terrible, so I didn't mind having to replace it. I have a habit of losing licenses. I've been really good with my current one because I like the picture.

I watched Ann Coulter on the Today show this morning. I've never seen her on TV nor heard her talk. Later I saw snippets of her morning interview with Harry Smith. Very combative. I think she's a nut case.

I took off work for the Inauguration. I plan to spend the day in front of the TV wearing my official Obama inauguration t-shirt. Really.

My knee started acting up last night. A different side of my knee cap. I'm icing again. I'm hesitant to go to an orthopedic doctor and have an MRI. I think it's going to get better on it's own. I did decide not to swim tomorrow. There's no sharp pain...just 'something'.

The tomatoes are growing. OK...you can't tell they're tomatoes yet. Here's the update:

I had an hour break today and asked one of my co-workers to style my hair straight. I've been swishing my hair around all day. Curly hair doesn't swish. One of the assistants was running her nails through another assistant's hair while we were talking. I asked her if she'd do that to mine. You can't run your fingers through curly hair. Most everyone at work said I should wear my hair straight all the time. Uh, no way. It took my co-worker 40 minutes to do it. And I'm a curly girl. It's an attitude.

Let's see...anything else random that I can write about? Our weather has been terrible. Lots and lots of cold rain with some freezing. For days. I know it's been horrible around the country so I can't complain. I've gotten to use my Vera Bradley umbrella!

I'm going to be a great-aunt! I found out a few months ago but forgot to write about it. My nephew Aaron and his wife Rachel are expecting a son in June. Aaron is the second oldest child of my GA sister, and the first of my nieces and nephews to be having a baby. I'm so excited for them. Aaron and Rachel live in Wisconsin, go to Bible College, and plan to be missionaries.

My sister Lisa's oldest son Ryan just graduated from Towson University and got a great job at an advertising agency in Annapolis. How exciting is that?

I need to write Bon and accept her invite to meet for breakfast. I'd love to see Karen at her new house. Kathy's busy with a lunch date, if she remembers. I'm going to school conferences in the afternoon, oh joy. I'm watching cooking shows that I DVR'd while I write. And rambling. So, with that, I bid you adieu.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry to hear about the knee. Hope it gets better real soon. You do look good with swishy hair! :)

captain corky said...

Your hair looks very nice straight. My wife has curly hair and so do I, but I keep mine extremely short, and my wife would have to spend an extra hour a day getting ready to keep her hair straight.

KathyA said...

"IF SHE REMEMBERS!!!!" My god, is nothing sacred! You make a dozen mistakes and then are plagued with a label! LOL

I love your hair straight! You're right, though, curly is an attitude!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I like your hair both ways. They are very different loks though.

I hope you get some relief for your knee soon.

Unknown said...

Whenever I straighten my hair everyone tells me they like it better and I should do it all the time too. I also laugh...way too much bother, and I kind of like my curly hair!


Jay said...

My hair is so wavy I don't think it can be straitened. And if it was, it wouldn't last very long at all.

Jenny said...

Curly hair may be an attitude, but you look great with straight hair, Cheryl! I love it! Take care of that knee, 'k? You can't afford not to!

Rick Rockhill said...

sorry about the yucky weather. that was neat someone sent you your DL back after all this time

C.A. said...

I LOVE your hair straight...you look like a totally different person! :)f

I'm fascinated with your tomato plants. I keep seeing that thing on TV and thinking I need to have one!

I'm sending "get well soon" vibes to your knee. Sometimes it takes a ridiculously long time for those type of injuries to heal all the way.



Summer said...

Wow! Is that you? I love it straight and curly. You've got great hair and I'm, as always, pea green with envy.

Take care of that knee.

Anonymous said...

i don't know why- but i can't see any pix-- no maters-- no straight hair-- nuthin- :(( i bet your hair looks good straight tho- i'll look again when i get back home.

anyhow-- it's freezin here-- but it's fun--
strange about your license-- but it's been such a looong time-- have you thought of checking your credit report?? just a thought -- from a untrusting soul. :/

hope your knee feels better-- what'd ya do to it? or do i know and just have a senile attack? :))

have a good day-

ellesu said...

On inauguration day....I'll be joining you (in spirit).

We just finished the last of the tomatoes we'd planted last summer. They were a surprise to me because after Gustav's work we'd moved them to an isolated part of the yard and by the time I looked at them (weeks later)I saw those little yellow flowers. It's taken a while and the tomoatoes were itty bitty but good. There are still a few more tomatoes struggling away on the two remaining plants.

Like the hair! My frizzy hair is short short, but that doesn't keep it from doing what it wants with humidity changes. I wish I could control it but it insists on doing its thing.

Golden To Silver Val said...

WOW...I know you're a 'curly girl'...but the straight hair really looks very sophisticated and lovely on you. Gorgeous, actually. But...your curly hair looks GREAT too. You have great hair either way. I'd wear it straight once a month or so just cause you can! LOL

Portia said...

Hello! And Happy New Year! I know I'm late but surely that's no surprise, and I still wanted to say it.

Your hair does look great both ways! How awesome to have the choice. I always wore my hair straight, but I've recently gone wavy. The change is fun, but for me it cuts out (some) prep time so even better.

This really stinks about your knee. Such an important part! It's hard waiting for things like that to get better on their own, but I surely hope it does.

Oh, and I completely agree with you about Ms. Coulter. I find her altogether ...unnecessary.


Brad said...

I like the straight hair but it;s just not 'you' with out the curls. You look like your in a very serious business mode.

i think Ann Coulter is a very sick puppy (my way of not using the 'B' word) and should be avoided at all costs.

Gin said...

Cheryl, I love the swingy look on you! I do adore your curls tho, they are so cute! Brad's right, you look very business-like and much more serious with straight hair.

The tomatoes are doing very well.

Take care of that knee...it must be in the air, I've been having a problem again this week with my knee. Mine is probably due to going back to work (driving the school bus, it's my driving knee). I've been swimming twice this week so far and am babying it quite a bit.

Mary said...

I agree. Straight is very pretty but you are a curly girl. I only wish I had one half of either version of your beautiful hair.

Jamie said...

You are beautiful both swishy and curly...curly girl, i like that, i will have to start referring to my daughter that way, she too, is a CURLY GIRL.

Hope your knee gets better soon.

Hugs. :)

beachgirl said...

Happy Friday!!

bonnie said...

Thanks Cheryl, for accepting my invitation. I loved running around with you. I got to go to the places I won't bother going on my own and I really enjoyed your company.

happyone said...

I like your hair straight but I like it curly better. Maybe because I met you with curly hair and that's just you.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

I like that photo of you, Cheryl -you look happy.

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