07 May 2009


It seems like forever since I've posted, and this one won't really count. I'm so tired of this stinking weather. I'm going to put old clothes on and get dirty outside. The garden is mud, but I'm going in. I trenched the border at least a week ago and left mounds of dirt where there weren't perennials coming up. Well, I'm going to tackle those mounds even if I get rained on. It's a little warm outside and humid and I need to be out. I'm going to listen to Nickle Creek on my iPhone. And wait for a service call for my new thermostat installation.

Later I'll write about my friend Kim, about my online dating ideas, and who knows what else. Right now, I'm going out!


happyone said...

Good for you for going out in the yard anyway.
I was going to go and mow the lawn at the old house, but I thought it would be too wet and I never went.

KathyA said...

We need to talk about a nursery I just found!!!! You go and get dirty....I think the sun just peeped through!!!

beachgirl said...

Happy Mothers Day weekend.
I hope the sun comes out soon.
It's been gorgeous down here for so long and we desperately need the rain.
I hope you enjoyed playing in the mud. It sounds like fun.

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