18 May 2009

This and that, again

I think the funk I was in has lifted. Good thing. Maybe it's the season and all the work I have to keep me busy. Don't know. Don't care. Busy is good.

I ordered an LG front loader from Best Buy today. I was there yesterday and a couple were getting that one. They did all the research and said it was top rated. I studied up on it and went back today to place the order. It was on sale for $509, which is better than most but more than a top loader. It's an energy star one so I'll get $50 from BGE. I think it uses 15 gallons of water instead of 45. My friend Karen just messaged me that she read that front loaders beat up your clothes. Great! I'll have worn out clothes and use the savings on the water and energy to buy new ones.

I've planted every single thing and finished all the mulching. Well, except for the two tomato plants for the deck. I mowed too. Whew. I should just do the tomatoes but don't have it in me tonight.

I made shrimp, potato and green beans for dinner. I decided to sit outside for a while instead of cleaning up. I have on a fleece jacket and a fleece blanket to cover my shorts. It's chilly! I saw the hummingbird for the first time while out here. The porch, my laptop and the hummingbirds. A fine after-dinner way to spend my time.

I went with my dad to the AT&T store to pick out new phones for my parents. I'm still not used to this role-reversal. I did all the talking. The salesman was very hunky. I had a hard time paying attention! My parents both had old Razor phones and the new ones should be much easier with the bigger keys. My mom called me just a while ago and said she wants her old one back. She just doesn't know how to use the new one. I showed her the basic stuff, but she wanted to lay down, so she missed out. She'll learn.

Wine in the Woods was fun yesterday, but it was cold. I left early to go to Sears and Best Buy, then pick up Emily from work. It was a good Sunday. This, Monday eve, is my Sunday night. Back to work tomorrow.

The duck has been laying on her eggs every time I've peeked. Just saying.

OK...ramble over. Time to go inside and clean up. There's not much to do. That's a good thing. Wait, the hummer is back. I have to stay now.

So, I called the imaging center today to give them the correct fax number to send my MRI results. I hear back from the orthopedic office that they got my mammogram results. I asked if they looked OK, LOL. Then I called the imaging center again. So, I should hear the results tomorrow. Yes, I have the results in the envelope but I'm still not looking.

Before I go I want to wish C.A. a very happy birthday. I hope this is the start of a great year for you.



KathyA said...

I've never heard that about beating the clothes up. Everyone I know who has the LG, the Oasis, or any of the new front loaders absolutely loves them. Well, you'll soon find out.

Jules said...

So you want me to help you pimp your blog? Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Cheryl!

Hey, I want the recipe for the Shrimp and green beans and potatoes thing....it sounds DELICIOUS!

I want to hear your review of the LG frontloader....I'm next in line for a new washer, friend! Hopefully without benefit of the fire department!

I'm so glad you saw a hummingbird...we are STILL waiting here!



happyone said...

I was surprised how chilly it was yesterday, but at least it was sunny.
I'll be painting more of the fence today.
Maybe I'll see you at 4 when I pick Taryn up from work.
Enjoy your day.

Brad said...

Our current house came with a front loader - I haven't noticed that it abused clothes more then a top loader, but then it's not like we wash a lot of 'delicates' around here.

Jamie said...

I am SO jealous of your energy!

Hope your day is going great, at least for a "Monday".

Hugs friend. :)

Billy said...

Just getting caught up! Hope you had good results back. Let us know!

Seth M. Ward said...

Isn't it amazing how much can transpire in such short time? Sorry I haven't been around much. Enjoyed reading all the postings. Life's life over here. I start a job next month, getting a place and settling in here in Indy.....it's exciting and scary.....but change always is. Keep on keeping on.

Mary said...

I'm behind - as I have been for what seems like weeks. Hope all your tests are clear with no problems.

Girl, you have soooo much energy. I'm doing good if I get out of bed in the morning and brush my teeth. Not that bad, but almost.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing quiet time for yourself. Time for self is important.

Lena said...

I have a front loader and I haven't found that they beat up the clothes.

I never would be able not to peak at test results!

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