13 August 2009

I have a plan

It's Thursday. I could do what I've done all summer. Avoid projects around the house. For instance...I removed all the caulk from Emily's bathtub a long time ago. So long ago that I don't remember when. May? The shower curtain has been wound around the pole this whole time. My supplies have been on the tub ledge. Emily likes my shower so it's been one of those out of sight/out of mind things. I'm caulking today! I'm also cleaning out the stamping part of the craft/computer room. The last time I stamped in earnest was Christmas. Emily needs a place to do her schoolwork other than the computer desk. I'm bringing all my craft carts down to the basement. I swear I am. Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself?

Update will follow. I'm gonna take some before pictures now. That will inspire me!


happyone said...

Good luck with your project.
I'm off to the library in a little while - once they move the sod out of the street.

Forsythia said...

I finally bought a gallon of paint yesterday to start on the trim in our bedroom, which badly needs repainting. It's needed it since 2005, at least. It's SO depressing in there.

KathyA said...

Good for you!

bonnie said...

Hope you made some progress, but even if you just blew it off and took the day to rest, that would be fine too. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

bonnie said...

What is with these ads???? I'm curious.

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