05 August 2009

Rhode Island

I've been meaning to post some pictures from the last part of my New England vacation. I left Cape Cod on a Saturday morning and drove about 100 miles to visit my aunt in Rhode Island. We hadn't seen each other in decades. I lived with my aunt, uncle and cousins in their house in NY for months after leaving college. I have so many memories of the time spent there. It was a formative time in my life...trying to decide what I wanted to do with my future. My aunt and uncle were so supportive of me and gave me the time I needed to make some decisions. We've always had a special bond.

Here's my Aunt Carolee with her husband Gil in front of their beautiful home in Rhode Island.

They board two horses. I'm afraid of horses but tried not to show it.

This would be my spot if I lived there.

My aunt had me pick out something of hers to bring home. It was a very hard decision. I finally settled on this hand-blown vase she bought in Venice. She watched the glass-blower making vases and loved this one. I love it too.

I mentioned that I liked this piggy vase and she sent him home with me.

I'll always think of her when I see these pieces. Thank you Aunt Carolee!


happyone said...

Nice to see what we were just talking about.
Love the colors in the vase and the piggy is cute.
I am still so full too!!!
I may not even eat breakfast!!

Rick Rockhill said...

Hey cool! I grew up in Rhode Island, so this caught my eye! Lovely home they have.

Seth M. Ward said...

Love that vase!:D I'm glad you had such a good time. Thanks for your comments. I understand about the job thing. It's so deheartening though to work so hard and have nothing to show for it. :( And yep, 10 days today! CAN I GET A WOOT WOOT!?! lol

Lena said...

It was nice that you had a place to land after college to take some space. Their place is beautiful.

Sounds like your New England vacation was great all around.

I was afraid of horses, too. And a few years ago I did a mentorship for grad school at a therapeutic horse back riding program. What was I thinking? I didn't have to ride, just be around the horses. It was interesting.

KathyA said...

That would be my spot, too. It must have been wonderful seeing your aunt and uncle again. Are you planning on seeing them again, soon?

Gin said...

How sweet!! I love horses and I hate to say it, but your fear shows...the leaning away stance gives you away...hahahaha!! That horse was thinking..."why is she afraid of me??" You must have a very special bond with your aunt and uncle, that's great. I love their place, it looks wonderful. The vase is simply mahhhhvelous and I love the piggy pitcher! Looks like you had a great trip!

Moohaa said...

How fun! By your posture, you could really tell you were afraid.. course the sideways look telling the poor thing to back off is rather telling as well. :) lol

The views were beautiful.. looks like you had a blast. I love that piggy vase, how fun is that!

Oh and I posted, though its not a happy one. It's a bit pissy.

Brad said...

The gazebo by the pond is awesome. I agree, if I lived there, that's where you'd find me 95% of the time.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a beautiful place. I love "your spot," and the vase is lovely. I really like the colors.

bonnie said...

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