01 August 2009

Weekend plans

It's Saturday! This is my high school reunion weekend. Last night I made it to the casual cocktail party when I got off of work. I just stayed a little so I could get home and to bed on time. I missed the last reunion so it's been 10 years since I've seen a lot of my former classmates. It's surreal seeing everyone so much older! Tonight is the big party...buffet, open bar, DJ, etc... My only worry is about being overdressed, but I'll probably be fine. I'll try to find someone to take my picture. In high school I wore overalls, construction boots and a bandanna in my very long curly hair. Tonight I'm wearing a sexy blue satin form-fitting dress. Surprise. Out of my comfort zone, yes, but it does look good. Tomorrow is a picnic. Not sure if I'll make it to that; we'll see.

Happy Saturday!


Seth M. Ward said...

Happy Saturday to you too chica!

It's amazing how time changes us.

One of my favorite songs is called, "Sorry To A Friend" by Edwin McCain.

In the bridge he wrote, "And like stones in a stream, life smooths all our edges, 'til we barely make a ripple anymore......"

When I first heard that, I was floored. To me, it was like discovering light for the first time.

Enjoy your reunion. These are memories that we deserve.

KathyA said...

Oh! Now I understand -- thus the black and white dress last night. Have a good time!

Forsythia said...

Have a good time. Just received advance notice of our 50th college class reunion. Seems like just yesterday, etc etc

Lena said...

So cool you are going out of your comfort zone with your sexy dress. Most reunions these days are filled with weekend activities. We only had one evening last time we did it. It took a lot of planning just for that!

Have a wonderful time catching up with old friends. There isn't anything quite like it.

Anonymous said...

Pictures and tell all, please. I'm cottage bound for the most part and bored! I know you'll have a blast. Mary Ruth

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

You'll have them drooling. It'll be great.

Seth M. Ward said...

Thanks for the comment tonight:D I appreciate you and your style too. You've got that, "Boom boom pow!" :D

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