27 August 2009

It's mundane

This is the last picture I took before my camera died. Great Blue Heron. I turned the camera off after I took it and darn, the lens wouldn't retract. The same thing happened with my last Canon, but it was during the extended warranty period, and the store sent me a gift card to replace it. The card was for even more than I originally paid, which was nice. This time the camera is still under Canon's warranty, so I need to send it away to be fixed. I'm gonna be lost without it, you know. It's packed and ready to ship out tomorrow. I hope they send me a brand new one.

I was out at Sherwood Forest last night with Kit and two high school friends, Jane and Julie. We had sandwiches at the general store, then we rode along the river in the golf car. I'm always the driver. I LOVE driving golf cars! We sat out on the screened-in porch for quite a while after it got dark.

I'll be going to Sherwood again on Saturday after work and spending the night. This time it's going to be with Kit and our old high school friend Lisa. I haven't seen Lisa in a long time, but we take up exactly where we left off, no matter how long the absence. With all the driving around I've been doing with and for Emily, it's nice to have some time for me.

Today 'we' went to the orthodontist. Then 'we' went to the orientation for new students. Parents met in the library, although there was just my ex and his wife and two other women who had freshmen sons. Someone was there from the PTO and I signed up to volunteer. My ex wanted to give his wife a tour, and a student offered to take us. I asked the other two women if they wanted to go, and they said yes. They seemed very glad to have someone talk to them. We hung out together, and I told them this and that about school stuff I knew about. I thought of the reception I went to alone a few nights ago and wished other people had been welcoming to me. Just a thought. I left and went to the mall. Emily stayed for two hours and got to spend time with all her teachers. Then she went to practice.

I went to the AT&T store and showed them the last iPhone case I bought and how it wore out. They replaced it and I got to pick a new color! Then I went to Nordstrom's with a necklace I gave Emily for Christmas that was missing a rhinestone. They replaced that! I used a gift card at William-Sonoma that I've had forever. I bought two serving spoons, two mini-spatulas and a stainless steel bottle opener. One gift card down, a zillion to go. I had a kid's meal at Chik fil a. That was my exciting afternoon. By the time I got home I didn't do much more than clean and refill the hummingbird feeders and make an unexciting dinner. I was glad Emily got a ride home from practice. We had a coupon for Cold Stone Creamery and we went there for dessert. And here I am.

Tomorrow I'm booked at work. Yeah!!!

And that's all she wrote.


Seth M. Ward said...

Sounds like you are busy as ever! I'm the same. The MOTOGP motor cycle race is in town this weekend, so hopefully I will stay busy and make lots of money. Here's to great tips for us both tomorrow!:D

Jamie said...

You are akways SO busy. I am envious of your energy...I used to be that way.

Happy BUSY day today. Hugs, good friend. :)

happyone said...

Sounds like a good time with more to come.
Hope you're not too long without your camera.

KathyA said...

You at least still have your phone for pics! Not mundane at all, girl! Full of life's good stuff.

Lena said...

Nice to reconnect with old high school friends. Hope you get your new camera!

SOUL said...

me too-- hope you get a new camera-- and soon. i love lookin at your pix. you always go to cool places.

and your day sure was busy, sounds like you NEED a mundane day. :))

has em started school? or is that monday? hope it is or will be good.
mine is doin fine. makin new friends.. who aren't "hoodlums" -- phew.
and seems to be doing her work and liking her classes. so she's off to a good start. let's hope she stays that way eh?
best of luck to yours. and you of course.

girls. ugh boy. why can't they be easy?
bring your golf cart and kidnap me would ya??

hope you have a happy weekend.
pretty soon you'll have a lot more "you time"

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I like your heron photo. I hope all works out with the camera.

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