01 October 2009


I've been busy, busy, busy at work and today will be another day of constant motion. I'm good with it as long as I stay on time, and I usually do. I'm really grateful to be a busy stylist. I'm taking Saturday off from work to attend Creekfest so I'm working my day off. I'm missing my Thursday coffee.

Last night I went to Back-to-School night. It was so well done. Such a contrast from Emily's last school, mainly because of the small classes. Her first class is American Sign Language. The teacher is mute and deaf. He had an interpreter standing behind us, 'speaking' for him. He was constantly signing and SO animated the entire session we were in his classroom. It was pretty amazing, and kind of surreal. Emily loves the class and she's one of 6 kids. They don't use an interpreter. Most of Emily's classes have less than 10 kids; her biggest class has 18. This fosters a real connection between the teachers and the kids. The teachers immediately recognized me as Emily's mom. It was the curly hair.

Today is Super Hero day at school.

Time for me to get up and running. Happy Thursday!


KathyA said...

You must be so proud to have a super hero for a daughter!

happyone said...

That is great to have such small classes.

Moohaa said...

Em looks super cute! Remember to take deep breaths during these busy times. Hugs!

Jamie said...

It's not JUST the curly hair, it's that you are both adorable...

Happy weekend!

SOUL said...

what an awesome school for her-- and a great opportunity-- good for her.

any reason she chose sign language? any career path she's headed in that i may have missed?

i'm proud of her-- and you-

'our' parent teacher night is monday. i wasn't gonna be able to go-- cuz i was sposed to have the second 'back thing' done. but since i canceled that-- we're going. i'm anxious to talk to her theater teacher, and to see her photos from photography class... and well, i think i have a thing or two to say to her math teacher. ehem. she got a new math teacher a couple weeks ago-- ever since-- things have changed in that class. grrrrr. and she was doin soooo darn good. yesterday she was almost in tears when i got her home. darn power hungry teachers. :((
wanna send your batwoman out here to save the day ? :))

y'all have a happy weekend !

Billy said...

Sounds like Em is loving it! Great!

Martha said...

I love her shirt--when I was her age, I had one, but with a blue bat-symbol!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It sounds like such a good school for her.

beachgirl said...

She is going to love sign language. My daughter took it and loved it. If you ever get to see a play done with sign language go. It's unbelievable.
What a great school.

SOUL said...

where are you?
in the bat cave perhaps? :))

check in with us eh?

happy monday- isn't this your day off? enjoy it-

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