06 October 2009

NieNie and Oprah


I've been following the blog NieNie Dialogues ever since Seth recommended it. In her bio, Stephanie tells the story of surviving a nearly fatal airplane crash. I started reading her blog in backwards order, from her earliest posts to her most recent. It took hours. Her's is truly an amazing story. As it turns out, Stephanie will be on Oprah tomorrow, and my DVR is set. You just might want to watch it yourself.

Happy Wednesday!


KathyA said...

Good morning to you, too!

SOUL said...

how cool is that? i've never read her page-- nor do i watch oprah-- i don't even know what bat time or what bat channel to find dear ole oprah on. :((
i'll have to do some searchin i spose. i'll try to catch it.

did i ever tell you-- i had to 'teach ' huby how to pronounce 'oprah' lol-- it's true.
he said -- "Ophrah" for YEARS. he still says it that way sometimes-- and i still laugh.

he's hysterical.

happy tuesday!

Jules said...

Aloha. Thanks for keeping me apprised of TV scheduling. I have no idea what's on ever.

I have been reading the Nie Nie Dialogs for about a year. Amazing story.

Sarah said...

Thanks for that info! I have been loving Oprah again, go figure, and I'm devouring the Pioneer Woman right now (she's like four blogs in one) and sure enough, she reads NieNie. So I had been meaning to look her up after you told me about her and then I saw her on PW's site, so I stopped and peeked around. Very interesting. She is a beautiful woman, before and even so after her accident. I'm looking forward to catching up like you did. :)

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