18 October 2009

...More on a busy day and I'm all wet

Not wet from the weather. Wet from the caramel latte that's soaked into my bra and underwear. From the latte that had a lid that I apparently didn't fasten quite right. That spilled down the front of my seated form before I realized what was happening. It was hot but didn't burn me. Nobody noticed. I had to decide, do I get up to get napkins and get noticed? Luckily my top is black. I held my black fleece in front of me. I blotted up some of the stuff. I'm sticky. I'll dry. Yuck.

I've been on the go. Two hours at Panera's. Many hours with my mom. My brother stopped by for a while to visit. It's his birthday today...45. The baby of the family. Mom and I decided to go out for a very late lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. They moved to the space next door and the decor is amazing. I had Singapore Noodles that were SO spicy. And delicious. I brought my mom home, then had to decide what to do next. Go home for 2 1/2 hours, then drive back in that direction to pick Emily up from the Ren Festival? Hmmmm...I decided that I could easily fill up the time at the Borders at Annapolis Mall. And here I am.

It's a hopping place. It's great being around people. I like that. The guy with the hat keeps leaning across the table to kiss his girlfriend. Slowly I've watched the veil of clouds start to separate and I can actually see blue sky. There's an older couple to the right of me working on crosswords and drinking tea. Midshipmen are standing by the CD racks. It's as good a place as any to spend a few hours on a Sunday. I've texted with Emily a few times today. She's been outdoors selling sodas for 7 hours so far and she's been cold the whole time. At least she's cold with friends. Two hours more to go. I'd rather be sticky wet than cold any day.


Anonymous said...

I had a friend who was badly burned by spilling hot coffee while driving in her car. I am glad that yours wasn't that hot, but it still sounds wet and miserable. How fortunate that you were wearing black! :-)

KathyA said...

You're ingenious!

Jamie said...

I love how you find a way to make the best of whatever, and can always find something to do that makes you happy. Also, that pic of the sky? Gorgeous...

Happy Monday Cheryl. :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I think it's the sticky part, more than the wet part, that would bother me.

Did Emily survive her shift ok?

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