08 October 2009

On the go, again

Happy Thursday!

Did anyone watch Stephanie on Oprah? It was pretty amazing to see her story, though you really need to read NieNie Dialogues from the beginning to realize what an amazing person she is and to know the love that she and her husband share. Her's is certainly a 'count your blessings' story.

It's been a busy week at work. I had a new client at work yesterday with hair down to her waist. She was donating her hair to Locks of Love. We get about 3 clients a week who grow their hair to donate to this organization. My client, Peggy, had super thick hair. You can't just put it in a ponytail and cut it...it drags the hair too much. Usually we can divide hair into 3 ponytails before cutting it. I had to make about 15 rubber-banded bunches of hair because it was so thick. The ponytails have to be a minimum of 10" to donate. It took about 80 minutes from start to finish. She loved her new haircut. Cutting it was probably more traumatic for me than her! It was the second time she's donated her hair to Locks of Love. Most clients who donate once do it again. It's a great organization and a great cause. It was quite a way to end my workday. I had a latte afterward.

I'll be leaving soon to pick up my new glasses. I'm hoping against hope that this new prescription works for me. I'm skeptical, but trying to keep an open mind. One more trip to Annapolis. Between my glasses and Emily's school, I'm driving there almost every day. I'll be going to my parent's house afterward to visit. Another day on the go. Speaking of that, it's time to run!


kristi said...

I did watch! The story about the couple who was killed (the ones who had adopted 9 special needs kids) just tore me up.

I loved seeing Nie Nie and Mr. Nielson on there too!

SOUL said...

surprisingly, and mistakingly i did manage to catch the show-- just as "Nie Nie" was coming up. i tried to find the time slot for the show earlier in the day but never did find it, so i figured i was just gonna have to try to find it online at a later time-- but i went to bed early and just as i was flippin channels -- there was Oprah -- introducing her !!!
wow. what a story. and what a love they share. don't ya thing. you could just melt in their eyes with em. (i thought) . so i'm mushy. sorry. i do plan on reading her blog. i have never been there before. but what a story. oh , i said that.

take it easy-- have a latte for me :))

SOUL said...

ugh-- that would be thinK-- not thing.

Lena said...

Yes, I saw Stephanie on Oprah. What a story and what a family! She is amazing. I visited her blog as well last night and stayed up way too late reading it!

thank you for sharing it with us!

KathyA said...

Wonder how long it would take me to grow my hair so you could cut off a 10" ponytail?

Summer said...

I didn't see the show and I'm sorry I missed it. I have read her blog and for once I can say that people amaze me. In a very good way!

Jamie said...

I did not see the show but now have to read the blog to see what you all are talking about. I love that people grow out their hair to donate it, truly a labor of love.

Happy weeekend friend! :)

Martha said...

I cut my hair last year and donated it and I'm growing it out again! I think it might be ready by June, and then I'll start the process over again. Woo hoo!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a wonderful charity that is.

Moohaa said...

So?? Where's the pic with the new glasses? The last time I had super long hair I wish I had known about locks of love (it was 1999). It would have been a great experience.

Where are you? It isn't like you to be gone two days in a row!

Have a great Sunday!

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