10 November 2009

Brought to you from Borders

It's the middle of a week-day and I'm hanging out at Borders. How's that for different? I had a big enough break at work that I didn't want to just stick around. I had my laptop in the car because I knew that I had a break, but didn't bring it into the salon because I hoped the break would be filled and I wouldn't need it. Alas, the break stayed. So, I'm at my happy place, but not with my happy drink. Today it's a decaf. Not the thrill that I get from my highly energy-charging latte, but that's OK. I have my laptop here, and that makes me happy. There's about 17 people in the Cafe. Some with laptops. Some studying. Some reading. Mostly everyone is alone. Alone in a crowd. I like that.

I spent most of my time here creating the e-vite for my holiday party. All that's left to do is add the addresses, which I'll have to do from home. I'm so glad I got that checked off my list. One stress out of the way.

Karen and I spent a nice day together yesterday. I suggested she take Emily out for a quick spin in her Corvette. Emily loved it! We left Emily at her boyfriend's, then headed out to Annapolis. We ate at an old deli on Main Street, then walked around. Afterward we went to the new Town Center and browsed the shops. We toured the models of the very expensive condos over the shops too. The only thing I bought all day was a magnetic peace sign for my car. For Emily. Thoughtful mom, huh? She noticed it right away when we picked her up. She was happy.

Well, I'm out of time. Work calls. Hope your Tuesday is a good one.


Jamie said...

What a nice treat in the middle of the day to be able to have a decaf and blog...

You are a good mom.

Hugs. :)

Billy said...

Hello! Sounds like a great day to me!

Gin said...

I forgot how much I love reading your blog. It sounds like things are going good for you. I love your picture below...you do look radiant!! It's nice to catch up a little!


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