20 November 2009

A quick hi on a Friday night

I'm making lunch to bring into work tomorrow. Chicken Corn Casserole. It's one my sister makes, and her family loves it. I bought a rotisserie chicken yesterday and there was way too much leftover for my little family of two. So, work gets lunch. Julie offered to make a salad and Dana's making cookies. Back in the day, we took turns bringing in Saturday lunch. We've discussed doing it again. My salon owner brings in lunch from time to time. It's always a treat to have food provided on a busy Saturday.

It's been a whirlwind week of busy at work. People gearing up for Thanksgiving. Most of my clients seem to be going somewhere. We go to my cousins' house every year, a tradition I love. They live about an hour away. I'm the family carver. Of course. I can't wait till Thursday. I love being with all my cousins, my aunt and uncle and my own family. We're usually a group of at least 38. They have a wonderful house with plenty of room. Everyone brings a dish. Or two. We're a pretty lively bunch.

It seems my new wake-up time is 4:30 AM. I realize I'm awake, but don't open my eyes, hoping I'll fall back asleep. After a while, I'll think, please don't let it be 4:30 when I look at the clock. But it is. It's usually 4:34 or 4:38 or somewhere around there. I wonder why? I just wake up.

I did Bon's hair today. It was great catching up with her. Here we are when I was finished. We're both holding our iPhones :) I took the picture.

Tomorrow morning I do Kathy's hair. I'll see if she'll pose for me. It's great to do my friends' hair. It's more like a play date than work.

Happy Weekend. Time to put the casserole in the fridge and call it a day.


KathyA said...

Great to see you this morning and catch up!

SOUL said...

that's a great picture! haven't seen- or heard from bon in ages -- good to see she's still kickin :))

38 - wow-- i couldn't imagine such a crowd at a gathering-- i didn't even have that many at my wedding ! i hope you have a blast !
gonna be just 4 of us here-- 8 if ya count the critters :))

enjoy your day cheryl-

Jamie said...

I love that pic of you and Bonnie - the two of you are just so stinkin' cute.

I got your email and am waiting to reply when I have something to say, but good hell - I never have anything to say, so I'll reply soon. But your news...now, that's exciting. :)

Hugs, friend.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Great photo. Hope your lunch was yummy.

Moohaa said...

Lovely ladies with lovely hair!

I was hoping for more news on anyone interesting. :)

Love you friend!

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