27 November 2009

Happy Vacay

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I'm always so happy to be with my family. It was a feel-good day for all. Here's a long glimpse into our day. I wish the picture quality was better, but... I think if you click on the 'HQ' tab of the video it's a little better.

I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. I'm not even sure I want coffee...afraid it will make me too hyper. You know that mixture of bleary eyes, the sweats and the coffee buzz? Don't think it's for me.

It was very hard to resist going out for the infamous Black Friday, both last night when I stayed up till almost 2, and again when I woke up by 6. I hadn't thought of it before looking at the ads yesterday. Just seeing them gave me a rush and made me want. I'm still here.

The agenda for the day is to start readying my house for Christmas. I have some cleaning up to do before that can begin. Starting with all clean surfaces is the only way to go. I have days off, and that's what I'll be concentrating on. I might check out the weather. A walk this morning would probably do me a world of good.

I took a break and now I'm back. I spent a few hours raking very wet and heavy leaves from my garden and front lawn. The driveway is lined with bags. The dirt is finally exposed and so are the hedges. Maybe with the wind we're having there will be some drying off? Maybe we'll have a break from all the rain we've had? I'm itching to use my new hedge trimmers and get the shrubs ready for lights.

Things are still going good on the other front. You know.

Emily got the job at American Eagle. At least for the holidays. She'll be working 2-10 today, her first ever 8-hour job. She's apprehensive about working such a long day on her feet, but she'll do just fine. We just found out that one of my nephews is working at Oakley in the same mall. Pretty cool. Maybe they can have breaks together.

OK. Time to eat. And drink coffee. And clean. Motivation...please come.


Lauralew said...

What great photos of a beautiful family. Your daughter is just beautiful, btw. And your cousin's house is spectacular! I drooled over the kitchen.

Hope you get all you need to do accomplished today, and enjoy your time off.

Susan said...

I always made it a point not to decorate for Christmas until after the girls' birthdays...this year I'm ready to start NOW. Of course,I've got a bit of cleaning to do...like you said, it has to start with clean surfaces!

happyone said...

Glad to hear you had such a happy time yesterday. I knew you would. I had a great day too. No shopping for me today, I have no desire to be in all the crowds.
Good luck to Emily starting her new job.

Seth M. Ward said...

I worked at AE when I was in college. I did it for the discounts! lol Can you let me know if M's cousin gets a discount? I could use a nice pair of oakleys.....

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was spent alone again..... lol

Jules said...

Hey Cheryl!! Nice pictures, nice house! I love hearing about leaf raking and weather in general. All I ever see is sunshine. Happy black Friday!

Leann said...

Loved seeing the pictures of your family holiday. I miss terribly getting together with my family and the games, teasing, and cards that we used to play. Memories.

I too have to start with a clean surface for the holiday decorating. That's why it takes so bloomin' long :-)

Hope you had a wonderful day and make progress on your extended days off.

Jamie said...

Great pics! I want to be part of YOUR family.

Happy to hear that things are going well on the other front. Hugs. :)

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