05 November 2009

Words but no title

Lots of bad news out there. The 3 college students who drowned in their car. Seems accidental. So sad. The rapist/killer and the growing number of bodies found at his house. The deadly shooting rampage in Ft. Hood, Texas. Twelve dead, 31 injured. So tragic. How could a soldier, a psychiatrist of all people, commit such a heinous crime?

We had a beautiful rainbow today. We pulled into a parking lot to take pictures. Rainbows are magical.

I did the driving this morning, then met my mother at Walmart. She was in the shopping center with Jess, her helper. Jess helped my mom into a scooter, then went back to my folk's house to cook for them. I hardly ever go to Walmart. I felt like walking every aisle, but my mom only wanted what was on her list. She barely tolerated my getting a few things. It's just as well. Walmart is the kind of place where you find everything you didn't know you needed. We didn't go to my favorite Chinese buffet in that shopping center because I still have my willpower. Yeah me :) I hung out with my mom at her house. I read the newspaper while I was there. I read a great article about a scanner used in correctional facilities called BOSS, which stands for Body Orifice Security Scanner. Get the picture? It's a great read.

I made tacos for Emily and her boyfriend for dinner. They were very happy. I had two myself. Not exactly diet food, but that's OK. I made brownies for dessert. I didn't eat any. Not even tempted.

Anyway, it was a good day. Nothing exciting, but happy. Hope it was the same in your part of the world.


Jamie said...

Your pic of the rainbow is beautiful!

You sound good Cheryl. I like your willpower with your diet. I have been watching what I (don't) put in my mouth, too. It's really pretty easy to drop a few pounds, if you are just aware.

It's Friday! I hope your day is wonderful. Big hugs. :)

Forsythia said...

You made brownies and you weren't even tempted?!? Have to hand it to you. I ate a whole bag of candy corn all by myself yesterday. :-(>

happyone said...

The rainbow is beautiful!!
Sounds like a nice day. Mine was like that too. :-)

SOUL said...

yeh, it's a sad and crazy world out there aint it?

but it is the little things.. rainbows and tacos-- and your little girls' smiles right?

anyhow-- this post with all it's conflicting yet meshing images and emotions were actually a little poetic -- for me at least.

hope your friday is a happy one-

Susan said...

Your mom doesn't want to shop? I think I'm jealous. If I go somewhere with my mom we will spend a half and hour in one aisle!

SOUL's comment makes me smile...rainbows, tacos and little girl smiles. It's a lovely thought to start the day.

KathyA said...

Can't believe you're dieting or feel the need to!!!

Lena said...

Rainbows give us hope. Thanks for posting it!

Seth M. Ward said...

This world blows......

Be good to yourself.

Moohaa said...

That article scares me so much I don't even want to read it. :)

Lovely rainbow!

We had some police officers killed around here.. lots of funeral processions. So sad.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That rainbow picture is fabulous. I'm glad you had a good day.

Leann said...

Tragedy happens every day unfortunately. We are blessed if it does not touch us. We pray for the rest.

I love that you have the willpower. Mine comes and goes. I try not to be too hard on myself...then I look in the mirror :-) Oh lawd!

Have a happy Sunday and blessings to you.

Billy said...

I love rainbows! No brownies huh? Wow! That is some motivation!

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