19 December 2009

Blizzardy Day

What a day. I've been a domestic goddess. What? You're not supposed to call yourself a goddess? OK. It's been a domestic day. I made breakfast for the gang. I made a Texas Sheetcake. I have a double recipe of pot roast in the oven and I've invited a bunch of neighbors over for dinner. The kitchen is clean and I'm finally relaxing. Emily and Phil spent a bunch of time outside. So did Rob. Not me. Not yet. Not today.

Rob shoveled the deck and left this pile to make a snowman. It's gotten taller as the day's gone by.

View from the deck.

Inside looking out.

It takes a real man to wear pink.

Don't they look like an ad for Abercrombie?

Working hard but having fun.

House and cul-de-sac.

What I'm looking at as I blog.

Happy Me!


Anonymous said...

Amazed at the amount of snow you have gotten! Looks beautiful though!

JOY said...

Soak it up my friend! You put a smile on my face

Sarah said...

Oh, guys! I miss you so much. We would have come down for pot roast!! Okay, have to go - going to cry....

Brad said...

Wow - nice snow - I'm jealous. I love being snowed in. But out here it typically means losing power - Have fun you guys!

Andrew said...

Cheryl, it's my fault your banner is gone. I was cleaning up my FTP location and I accidentally deleted the folder with your blog images. I have hosted those images all these years. Amazing, huh? Send me a new image and I will get it fixed ASAP

Jamie said...

Good heavens, that is alot of snow! Looks alot like what we had here a while ago. You made the best of it for sure...and I am so excited...you are just so happy. That makes me smile. I love the pics, thanks for posting them. Hugs good friend. :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I have always thought that you have a great home and these photos shows more of the same! Great looking family too. You lucky woman.

KathyA said...

Amazing!!! It is beautiful, isn't it?

beachgirl said...

The snow is gorgeous to look at. What a perfect Christmas week for pictures.
Have an awesome Christmas.

Summer said...

Hey Girl... Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas to you and your family. These are wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing. May you be blessed in the new year!


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