20 December 2009

No La De Da

I've been thinking of having a new header on my blog. I wonder what it will be?

Just a quick post. It's gorgeous outside and I can't wait to get bundled up and get in the snow. Shovel and sled. The sun is brilliant and the reflection on the snow is amazing. The sky is blue! I think the snow is done falling. Maybe we got 20-something inches? Here's the snow mound on the deck this morning compared to yesterday:


I love how the new snow smoothed the mound out and made it bigger. Soon it's gonna be a snowman. See the blue sky?

Time to put the layers on. I'll be taking new pics.


Rick Rockhill said...

Gadzooks Cheryl, that sure is a lot of snow! Have fun making the snowman!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I love the name La De Da. Have fun making Mr or Ms. Snowman/woman. When we made ours last year we didn't have a carrot for the nose, so used celery and the birds stole it!!

Leann said...

Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

KathyA said...

Hi Cheryl!! Finally posted my pics. This has been quite a weekend! I'm glad your party was last week.

Jamie said...

I love your pics and the new banner on your blog! I hope this week is a good, although I'm sure busy, one. Hugs, friend. :)

bonnie said...

I like your new header

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