14 December 2009


The last couple of weeks have passed in a blur. In a good one. From starting this relationship of mine, to decorating the house and hosting two parties. Now it's time to relax, and shop. The party on Saturday was a success (if I must say so myself). I have great friends and combine that with good food and how can you go wrong? I'm grateful to have a home to host a celebration, and good friends to share it with. Ya know? It was great introducing Rob to my friends and family. Embarrassingly, everyone he met raved about me. Flattering, yes, but too much! I'm not wonderful, and I know it. I try to be a good person, but I'm only human.

We went to my brother and SIL's for Hanukkah yesterday. It was casual and fun and funny. Rob got to meet the local family. Emily brought her boyfriend Phil. The guys had potato latkes for the first time and liked them. What's not to like about fried food? Everyone liked the guys. Again, nothing not to like. Emily's boyfriend is really nice and the two of them laugh and talk all the time. My family is laid-back and quirky (like all families) and they were welcoming and nice to Rob and Phil.

I got into my pajamas at 6:00 tonight. I ate crackers and dip. I've had my laptop on my lap for hours now. It's felt great to just BE.

I meant to post pictures, but this and that got in the way. Stay tuned.


Lena said...

Your posts have been so uplifting and filled with such positive energy! Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday season.

Nice that Phil and Rob get along so well.

Does Rob know about your blog?

Leann said...

It's good to hear the party was a success! Nice also that your family is so accepting of the new additions.

Enjoy your down time!


Moohaa said...

You and your posts are just brimming with happiness... contentment. I am so pleased for you. And yes, you are wonderful, so just deal with it.

Waiting impatiently for the pictures.... :)

Jamie said...

No one could be happier for you than me. And that's a fact, Jack. Hugs. :)

Forsythia said...

Your cup of holiday joy runneth over. It's great to read about.

happyone said...

We had a great time at your party and love that you and Rob are so happy. :-) You two seem so right for each other!
Thanks for sending me the pictures.

beachgirl said...

You sound like you are enjoying the holidays. And a new man in your life. How fun and exciting.
Happy Holidays and I could really use your help in the kitchen for the holidays.

Summer said...

We want pictures. Lots of pictures.

Seth M. Ward said...

man oh man I am so out of the loop.....

Glad things are going good for you.

Wish the same could be said for me.


Have a merry Christmas:D

KathyA said...

Glad you're having a nice time of it. What a special Christmas this is for you! Nothing says comfy like flannel!

fiwa said...

"Embarrassingly, everyone he met raved about me. Flattering, yes, but too much! I'm not wonderful,"

Cheryl, hold out your hand. Yes, that's right, your hand - so I can SMACK IT! You ARE wonderful, and as someone above said, you're just going to have to deal with it. Rob is one lucky dude!

I'm really happy for you.
All my love,

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