08 February 2010

Let it snow, and snow

If you live in my part of the country, you've got snow on your mind. So, more snow pictures. These were taken today, two days after the big snow.

One of the main streets in my neighborhood

The main intersection!

The main road outside my neighborhood. A snow emergency route, if you can believe it.

My house is the one on the left.

The only shoveled paths on my deck were to the birdfeeder and the bird bath.

I'm SO sore today. I shoveled for hours on Saturday. And Sunday. I live on the best cul-de-sac! My neighbor Lisa has the king of snow blowers. My neighbor George used it on Saturday and Sunday. He did the sidewalks. And the driveways of people who didn't already shovel (Rob and I shoveled mine). He used the snow blower to 'plow' our court to the cross road. Then he 'plowed' that street to one that was plowed by a truck. I was out there with the guys shoveling behind him. It was great fun to be part of the crew.

One of my friends called to ask if I wanted to sled and I was all about that. There's a hill to the side and back of my house. I made the mistake of going out my basement door to walk to the hill. The snow was so deep that I was laughing and exhausted and had to stop and sit every 20 or so feet. I should have walked around the block to get there. Last time I sledded this hill I took a running start. I did it this time and belly-flopped on my sled. The snow wasn't packed enough and my sled didn't budge. Ow. I did one run and called it a day.

Rob had car problems again and we ventured out to the repair shop this morning. We dropped the car off, and they replaced a belt. He got on the road for his hour trip home, but his car broke down on the exit ramp to work. It had to get towed. What a bummer!

The big news around here, BTW? 12"-18" of snow starting tomorrow afternoon. Good times!


KathyA said...

I'm suggesting banning that damn song, "Let It Snow!"

Brad said...

I can't believe it's gonna snow more - what wild weather

JOY said...

Great shots , We are making memories. !!!

Jamie said...

LOVE your pics...not so crazy 'bout the snow. But I like your attitude! I used to shovel and loved it..until I blew out my back, shoveling my mom's driveway. Take it easy on your discs, we aren't built the same as the men. Just a word of caution, not trying to be a downer. I hope the weather is kind and you all miss the next round of white stuff. Hugs, friend. :)

happyone said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the snow. Me - I'm sick of it!! :-) I can't go for my morning walks and I can't drive my car!!
I can't believe we are getting more of the stuff today.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I know you're not going to want to hear this....but just a bit of advice from a snowbird...one who lives with it nearly 5 months out of the year........You need to get that snow off your deck. Most people don't think about it, but snow is HEAVY and that's a LOT of snow....and you've got more coming? You really do need to clear it off before it weakens your deck supports.
Up here we shovel off decks and even our roofs whenever we have a big accumulation.
Glad you're having fun in it though...you have such a good attitude anyway...so stay safe and be careful driving as well as shoveling!!

Leann said...

I love the pictures of the pristine snow against that blue sky!!

I've not been sledding in ages. Last winter it snowed here quite a bit and we made a sled of cardboard and plastic while at work and tried making a run of it. I did the exact same thing you did...flopped on the sled and it didn't budge...LOL

It was great fun tho!!

Forsythia said...

We had fun creeping to Silver Spring yesterday for a long-overdue dental appointment.

Seth M. Ward said...

Y'all look like you live in the High Country of Colorado! lol Man, it sucks here, but that much snow there just BLOWS! and blows and blows and blows.... lol

I saw a salt shaker(aka state snow plow truck) in a ditch, a jeep flipped over, a sub compact in the ditch with half the car under snow, a truck spun out in the median ditch and countless others pulled off on the side of the road. The snow probably has totaled 16 to 20 inches over the past 4 days, but nothing compared to what y'all have had to deal with!

Sorry I haven't been around much. Life's keeping me busy. Be good to yourself.

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