11 February 2010

Mostly about the S word

I started the morning by donning my snow gear and taking a walk around the block. I wanted to see if I could leave my neighborhood if I had to go to work. While I was out I got the call that the salon was closed. It was so beautiful outside. Bright blue sky and untouched snow. I was determined not to shovel because of my aching muscles, but I did it anyway. I hung out with the neighbors. I was not part of the snow brigade with the guys. I learned my lesson with that. I did open my bedroom window and office window to shovel the snow off the roof over the eat-in kitchen. Don't worry, I sat on the window frame and didn't go any further. I tried to knock snow off the roof over my front door but it's too high. I realized it was noon and I hadn't eaten. My hands were shaking. I wanted McDonald's really, really bad. So did my neighbor Kelly. Off we went. I got the Big and Juicy with fries and all. That's a big deal for me. Food never tasted better!

I came back to find heavy equipment at the end of my court. Yeah! I've always wanted to ride in one of these. I was tempted to ask the driver, but thought he'd probably have to say no.

Here's a view of my house. Yes, the snow mounds really are that tall.

I've missed so much work! We were closed last Saturday after closing early on Friday. We closed early on Tuesday and were closed yesterday and today. I'm off tomorrow and Saturday because I'm going away. That means no income when you work entirely on commission. Fortunately, I'm a saver and I'll be OK.

I leave first thing in the morning for a 5-6 hour drive to Raleigh, NC. I'm meeting my GA sister and we're visiting her oldest son Adam and his wife Millie and their daughter Bea. I've never met Bea and she's 6 months old. I have a surprise for her, but I can't say what it is yet, just in case she's reading this :)She does have a Facebook page, so she might have a Google account too.

I didn't realize it was a holiday weekend when I made my plans. I'm worried about traffic tomorrow morning even though I plan to leave 6'ish. Do I take 95 or 301? What will traffic be like on President's Day when I'm returning home? What does a 50% chance of light snow on Monday really mean? I'll find out about all of it. I have a good Dean Koontz audio book. My iPhone is loaded with good music. The sun will be shining. I love to drive. It's all good.

What should I do now? Work on the surprise for Bea? I'm not done with it yet. Pack? Do laundry? Shovel the deck again? I need to shovel that deck. Do I take a bath for my aching bones? Start the laundry, then deck, bath, surprise, pack. I think so.



Golden To Silver Val said...

Have a wonderful time and drive safely! You have such a good outlook on life....I know you're going to have fun no matter what you do!! Enjoy.

Lena said...

I agree, you do have a good outlook. So upbeat all the time and always with a plan.

I am hoping some of that will rub off on me.

Mary said...

No matter which you do first. Just get ready to go, drive safely and have a wonderful trip.

I need to take lessons from you - your attitude and outlook is always the best.

Leann said...

Enjoy your trip and be safe! After you share your surprise with them you'll have to share with us :-)

happyone said...

Isn't all this snow crazy. We had the bucket loaders here by me too. Have a save trip and have fun. Hope we can get together soon. I miss you.

Jamie said...

Have a great, safe time!

Hugs. :)

beachgirl said...

Have a great weekend.

fiwa said...

I hope you have a good trip, get lots of baby snuggles with Bea (She is adorable!!!) and miss all the traffic and snow. I love Dean Koontz - which book are you listening to?

Have fun!

KathyA said...

I just know you're having a good time -- heard though, that it was snowing in Charleston!!!

Brad said...

That snow pile is amazing - Wish I could have seen Duke with you - I love that stuff - lucky you!

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