27 September 2010

Consider this a week's worth of posts, OK?

I was home all day, and spent most of it in a pissy mood. I'm feeling better. It was a long, long, at-home day. Not the kind of day I like.

Ready for a rambling 'this and that' kind of post?

I saw a hummingbird at my feeder this morning. It was such a surprise! I thought for sure they had moved on, and resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to wait another 8 months to see them again.

Why does Verizon offer better Fios Internet and TV plans for their new clients than they do for their existing ones? I asked that question. Didn't get a satisfactory answer. My Verizon Flex plan ended and my rates went UP. The best they could offer me after a very long conversation was a savings of about $7 per month on my new more expensive bill. Big 'ole deal. I couldn't make a decision and told the agent I'd have to think about it and also call the other providers. He didn't try to change my mind. I won't really switch because I love Fios. I just couldn't agree to their terms. Yet, anyway. Yes, it will mean another call, but I'll do it.

I called to cancel my newspaper subscription today. They tried to change my mind.

Why does Holly Farms hide the fat on the underside of their chicken breasts? It was like, what?? So not nice. It's one thing if you can see the fat when you buy it. You make an informed decision. Don't tuck it under and think we'll be happy.

OK. Maybe I'm still in a pissy mood.

I called to find the balance on nine Starbucks gift cards. Two had no value. The others totaled $78.57. I'm out of Borders gift cards. I like Starbucks but I like Borders gift cards too. I called Trader Joe's. I have enough gift cards to keep my work station pretty with my favorite astromeria flowers till the middle of December. I have lots of other gift cards, but no multiples like Starbucks. I really need to use the other ones. I did buy expensive make-up from Macy's last week. I still have a balance of about $50 there. I have to remember that the cards are gifts and meant to be used.

A few people told me they'd like to hear new client stories from time to time. Last week I had the sort of client that I kind of dread. She was unapproachable from hello. I tried my very best to engage her in conversation. It was very hard. Probably the experience of going to a new hairdresser had her totally stressed out? I tried to make her comfortable. Maybe she just couldn't reciprocate. I acted calm and collected but I was really uncomfortable. Truth be told? She scared me. I couldn't act scared. I did a good job on her hair but thought maybe she'd be happier with another stylist. Kidding. I hoped she'd be happier with someone else. I told her that if for some reason she wasn't pleased with her haircut to come back and try one of the other talented stylists at my salon. That impressed her. Nice of me, huh? I never say that kind of thing...the idea is to keep your new clients. On Saturday I had two new clients back-to-back. Stress! All I could think of was how uncomfortable I had been with that last new client. It caused much anxiety. Racing heart and all that. I was very happy to see that the first one was a former curly-haired client who had moved away a decade ago. Whew. The anxiety still had me in it's grip, until I saw the last new client. She also had curly hair and met me with a big smile. Yes! I was able to relax for the first time in hours.

A stink bug landed on my shoulder while I wrote that. We're having an invasion here in MD.

I always have a 33% coupon that I get via e-mail for Borders. I use it for my lattes. I used to print the coupon but now just pull it up on my iPhone and the barista enters the code. Easy peasy. Till now. Now I always get the barista that can't get it to work. Every time. I go there on Saturdays and hope she's not going to be on the register, but she usually is. She probably hopes I'm not coming in too. She struggles, I'm patient, and a line forms behind me. Then she gets help, and presto, coupon code accepted. Every time. I couldn't help myself but I said something two weeks ago. I said, you're the only one who seems to have a problem with the coupon code. I said it nicely (I swear), and though I didn't think she took offense, I was sorry I said it. She explained why it didn't seem to work for her, then she got help. I went for my latte this past Saturday and she was on the register. Darn! I said, sorry...I have my usual coupon. She blurted out, I have a learning disability and that's why it's so hard for me. Can I even tell you how bad I felt? I told her I was so sorry for what I had said. I had to stop myself from apologizing all over the place, knowing that would just make it worse. She rung up my coupon, no problem. I went to my table and read a magazine.

And there you go.

I'm going to write a letter to my mom's doctor for her aide (who is an angel) to print and give to the doctor tomorrow. My mother's behavior has me concerned. It's like her mind is a spinning dervish, consumed by tasks that she wants done right this minute. She has everyone around her running. I was there for a while yesterday and could hardly stand it. I couldn't sit with her for more than a minute before she asked me to do something, then three more things while I was trying to do the first. She knew she was being unreasonable, and would make a little crying sound and say she was sorry, but that she couldn't help it. She was the same way when my sister came over, and then again when my brother and niece came over. Her aide told me she was very mean to my father today. And to the visiting nurse. And when the visiting OT asked to see my mother try out her scooter in the house (maybe it could help avoid falls?), she nearly ran him over. He turned the speed knob to slow and she reached over and turned it to fast. What the heck is going on? I just called my father and thanked him for being so patient with her today; that I'd heard it was a hard day. He said, you mean I wasn't my usual mean self. I just said thank you.

Time to sign off. Did I write or what? One more assignment to go. Maybe I'll just copy and paste the last paragraph. I'm ready to put this day to bed.


Summer said...

You're allowed to have a pissy day anytime you feel like it. Embrace them! (evil grin)

Jamie said...

Like the others, I kind of like it when you complain. :)

You certainly have your hands full, in every conceivable way. That would make anyone pissy.

Today will be a much better day for you. Hugs, friend. :)

Leann said...

Sounds like you have lots to be pissy about :-)

Hope tomorrow is a better day.


Anonymous said...

Could it be a medication issue with your Mom? Has she started taking a new med? That can do it...saw it with my Mom several years ago.

happyone said...

It was nice to read your newsy post. My yesterday was a lazy day for me. Just sat around. Must be the weather.

These stink bugs are ALL OVER THE PLACE!!

I'm glad to be one of your clients. I love my trim and color!! Thanks! You did very well putting up with your next client after me!!!

Strange about your mom. I thought maybe it has something to do with the medication too.

Jules said...

Oh Cheryl, I love your pissy mood! I'm sure you didn't, but you ARE human!!

Suzanne La Cour said...

Hi Cousin!

Your mom's oxygen levels may have changed. She could be suffering from hypoxic dementia. That is EXACTLY the way my father was acting as his oxygen levels decreased. The fall she had recently could also change her behavior. I'm so sorry you're having so much difficulty. Believe me, I understand.

LM said...

Any idea what happened to Jonathon's blog? (Andrew)

Jamie said...

I was hoping you would know something about Jonathon, as well. I can't help but worry about him. Gone from facebook, too, it seems.

Hugs, friend. :)

Lena said...

Yes, it could be a medical thing with your mom. A urinary track infection, medication, oxygen levels.

I was checking in with your to ask about Andrew as well. I hope he is OK.

Moohaa said...

Pissy days suck, but they are always legitimate.
Stink bug invasion? Good enough reason for me to move out of state. ;)

I guess it's not just me who's noticed Andrews absence online. Hmm.

KathyA said...

You handled the socially inept client well. So much better than asking, "What the Hell is your problem!"

I'll be in to see you this week and we'll talk.

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