17 April 2011

Life is Good on Sunday

A week has flown by and I've been busy as usual. I spent most of my 'free' time this past week listening to an audiobook. It was a short loan from the library, and I needed every spare moment to listen to it. I've spent a bunch of time doing things to get my parent's suite ready in the assisted living home they'll be moving to on May 25. I'll catch up and fill in all the details when I can. My sister from GA is here, and all four of us siblings have been working hard. We're having a big dinner at my parent's house tonight with all the local family. One last time. We'll be taking lots of pictures.

Hope to be back here soon!


Jamie said...

You (once again) are such a wonderful daughter. Have fun tonight! Hugs, friend. :)

Noofy said...

It's important to spend time with your family, especially now when they need you. Enjoy your dinner, looking forward to the pictures.

Lena said...

You sound busy, but good! It will be great to have all of your relatives together for a last dinner!

Take some video, too!!!!

You are a great daughter in a great family.

KathyA said...

I'm glad you're all there to enjoy this milestone.

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