20 April 2011

Picture Perfect

I finally have a minute to catch my breath and I'm sitting on my porch after dinner. Later I'll regret the things I didn't get to, but for now I'm enjoying being outside. I'm hoping a hummingbird decides to come by. I'm ready for the first sighting of the season.

Work has been a little slow and I've enjoyed some down time. That doesn't happen often, which is a good thing since I work on commission. I've been on a spending spree. I bought a new TV for upstairs. I bought 2 ceiling fans. I'm having estimates done on my deck. I haven't even started buying mulch or outdoor plants. I'm going to have the hall bathroom tiled. All things that need to be done.

I went to the grocery store after work last night and was amazed to see a rather large girl in the next aisle with shorts that exposed half of her bottom. Literally. Both cheeks were totally exposed. I looked the way of another customer who looked right at me, just shaking her head. Every single person in every aisle was staring at Miss Hot Pants, who was oblivious to the commotion she was causing. I've truly never seen such a sight. Everyone left with smile on their face and a connection to all the other shoppers who shared the same crazy sight.

My entire local family plus my GA sister met at my parent's house on Sunday for a faux-Passover dinner. There were fifteen of us! I say 'faux' because there was no Seder, just the right food. It was wonderful to be together, under the family roof. Probably for the last time.

The family, minus my dad.

Emily and her grandpa.

My brother and his family.

My sister Lisa's boys.

Curly-headed sisters.

A blast from the past, circa the 70's. Oh, those were the days!

I'm back inside the house now. Much to my delight...the hummingbird came to my feeders, repeatedly. I'm so excited! My happy time of the year has begun.

Over and out for now!


Noofy said...

Yes, hummingbirds are a sign of spring, glad you had those visitors. I can't seem to get them to visit here. Everyone looks happy in the pictures, except your Dad. I hope he comes around for your sake. Love those oldies pictures, they're the best, good memories and happy times!

Leann said...

I miss hummingbirds. Being in town, and more importantly where there are lots of cats, I've decided not to lure them in. Why invite trouble? I love family times. Getting people together who've not been together in a long time. I miss those times.
Enjoy your down time and your nice Spring weather.

Jamie said...

I'm happy to see a post from you.

All those curls---good heavens. Seriously curly girlies.

Happy Thursday, Cheryl. This is your day off, right? Hugs, friend.

happyone said...

So glad you got together with your family for a happy time. : )
Sure was nice outside yesterday. My clothes are whipping around on the line outside in this wind today!!!

LM said...

What beautiful photos! The one of Emily and her Grandpa is one she will always cherish.

Golden To Silver Val said...

oh my gosh....just look at that wonderful family!!! You know how I feel about family.....and look at yours! You are so fortunate. Emily is simply beautiful, Cheryl. Enjoy every second you have with each other and with all your family members. You are, indeed, blessed. Hugs!

KathyA said...

Great family photos!

Our new feeder isn't out yet -- but I'm hoping to get to it this week. I am planting a lot of reds and purples that usually attract them.

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