26 December 2013

Just a note

I'm surprising myself by writing again. Actually, Betty, I wanted to show you I could. I'm having such a relaxing day today. I only walked Sparky as far as the mailbox. I watched a movie in the morning. I showered and gave myself a pedicure. I'm doing laundry, but that's an easy task when the laundry room is 15 feet from my recliner. I've been re-reading a favorite book, Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. Life is good. I'm going to a party in a few hours. I made bourbon meatballs on Tuesday and an apple almond cheesecake yesterday. I can't wait to eat them :) and have a relaxing evening with friends. 


Forsythia said...

Happy New Year. The best to you in 2014.

bettyC said...

I know u can! I just wish u "can" more. Thanks. See ya next year

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