27 May 2014

My long wonderful weekend

I don't want to move, but sitting on my deck listening to the birds and seeing everything lush and green sure makes me want to live somewhere warm all year long. Of course, I can't move. And I can't change winter. So I have to appreciate the good seasons with everything I've got. I did that this weekend, despite having a bad cold. I wasn't going to let it interfere with my plans. 

I drove 70 miles along the eastern shore to Chestertown, MD on Sunday morning for a kayaking trip with a Meetup group. There were 21 or 27 kayaks. It was a perfect weather day. I knew 2 people who were going. A lot of people knew each other. I rented a kayak there, but the majority of people brought their own. We paddled to Cacaway Island, an uninhabited island, for a picnic lunch. Everyone brought a dish to share. A lot of people got in the water; the temperature was perfect. I wasn't one of them. Some people drank a lot! Not me. We stayed on the island for over an hour, then paddled our way back. I loved the solitude of the paddle, the birds, the water, the marshes, etc. It was fine that I was alone. Except everything reminded me of my breakup. But I won't let that stop me from loving being on the water.

My home is the blue dot on the left. My destination the little red dot on the right.

Cacaway Island

Picnic lunch


Check out those arms. I love how toned they look. If only the rest of me looked that way!! We paddled over 8 miles. I had a nice drive back and decided to stop at Rams Head for dinner in Annapolis. A Copperhead Ale and fish tacos hit the spot. I did a brisk walk around town afterward.

I couldn't believe how sick I felt and that I could still do all the things I did. I had plans for the next day, but was doubtful I'd be able to keep them. I was to meet my friend Nancy and her husband at their home on the Severn River for either a ride in their motorboat or kayaking. I took lots of meds and slept till 9:30! I got ready real quick and was at their house by 11. I could barely talk and had a throat lozenge in my mouth at all times. First we went out on their boat. It was its maiden voyage of the season and they wanted to see how it rode. We were out for about an hour. The boat traffic on the bay was a little scary. They determined they needed the barnacles removed and the bottom of the boat scraped. We had a snack at their house then got on the kayaks. I was having a really hard time. My kayak only wanted to go right. They were giving me instructions, but it didn't help. I felt so foolish. How could I have done so well the day before? Finally we found a cove to beach the kayaks at and I traded with Nancy. Her's has a rudder. From then on, it was smooth going. We stopped on the shore of the waterfront house Kit and I invited ourselves to on Tuesday. Matt came out to say hi. Then we paddled back. 3.5 miles.

Relaxing boat ride

View from their house

I had an invite to go to my brother's afterward but for once I was smart enough to stop. Because of how sick I was. I did come home and mow one side of my lawn. I had to...it was an eyesore. Then I got on my hammock and listened to my audiobook for a long time. Then I laid on my lounge chair on my deck listening till dark. I had ice cream for dessert. It was a wonderful evening.

One place Sparky doesn't bark from

Today I'm supposed to bike with my friend Kit along the B&A Trail in Annapolis. I'll probably do it despite the sickness. It's another wonderful day! I think I'm going to enjoy having Tuesdays off.

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