12 January 2017

The jitters

I'm feeling more and more uneasy with each approaching day leading up to Trump's inauguration.  An underlying anxiety is always there. I can't believe that this president-elect who I consider to be a horrible, horrible man is going to be our next president. I can't believe that our nation would ever, ever consider electing this despectable human being. I believe the majority of the country is alarmed. Nothing horrible has ever happened in my life, except for my mother's stroke. Is the time approaching? I believe that our way of life is about to change for the worse. One of my biggest fears is that the United States will be involved in a terrible war. I feel very emotional, and I feel like the clock is ticking. How did this happen? I live in a state that is vastly Democrat. I have no problem with the fact that a Republican won the election. But this caricature of a human being is going to be the next President?

There was a time I wouldn't have written that. I would have cared too much what others thought. Not on this subject. Not this time.

Is it possible to segue to another subject? During the week I thought of all kinds of things to write about. I wish I'd gone with the flow then, and put it 'on paper'. Alas, this gloomy post will have to do for now.

PS... I did have a good day off. I had my car serviced in the morning. I went to the mall to run a few errands. The weather was incredible... in the 70's! I popped over to my Mom's to sit outside for a while. I went to the gym and swam. After the grocery store I came home, made dinner, prepared a bunch of salads for the next few days and here I am writing while my laundry is in the dryer. 


Josie Two Shoes said...

Like you, I am worried. I see nothing in recent days to reassure me. I remain baffled that so many people in our country would choose him just because they want something different. That's like cutting off your arm because you want the pain from your hangnail to stop hurting. The Republican Party should be ashamed for fronting this jackass. I worry about war too, when people run their mouths indiscriminately and without a real concept of truth, all hell can break lose. What we can do is stay alert, and stay close to those we love. I refuse to live in fear, I will live one day at a time, and pray a lot. Maybe people will come to their senses before it is too late.

Even on a day "off" you keep busy and accomplish so much! :-)

Jamie said...

I'm with you two, although I am holding out hope. I'm not sure why, the signs don't point to anything very hopeful looking. The only thing that I keep coming up with ---- maybe, with a whole lot of luck, this person that this country elected is just wild enough, just crazy enough, just different enough to make some real (not awful) changes. Because this country needs change. On many different levels. And you have to admit, Trump is different. Not necessarily good different, but different. Yes, I know ---- but I honestly am trying to be positive.

Okay, so I give up. Pollyanna. You know how I am. Don't hold it against me.... LOL.

Hugs. friend.

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