04 June 2008

I feel like I got a million, zillion things done this morning, and it's only 9:00. Em asked if I'd drive her and her friend to Dunkin Donuts this morning for iced coffee, and then to school. While passing the drive-thru, they spotted their US Government teacher, Mr. Brady, in the car with Miss someone, another government teacher. The girls screamed, 'we knew it!!!' They jumped out of the car so they could wave to them. The teacher just shook his head with a grin. I'm sure it made the girl's day. I asked them if they were going to keep it to themselves, but they said, no way!

I worked out this morning, including running again. I might try to do it outside after work. I'm hesitant, because I don't really want anyone seeing me, in case I can't do it. I wish I could see the changes in my body immediately. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Have I ever mentioned I hate to exercise? I go on kicks, but it's been a long time. I used to ride my bike for 10 miles a day. That was when Emily was a baby. One day I just stopped, for no reason. I used to walk close to 5 miles a day. Loved it. Stopped that too, one day, out of the blue and never walked again. So this thing I'm doing now? I don't know how long it will last, but I'll stay with it as long as I can. I have no illusions that it will be a lifelong thing.

I grilled chicken on my George Foreman this morning, and have it sliced and in the refrigerator. I also fried up onions. We'll be having quesadillas for dinner tonight, and I want it to take just a few minutes to make. I always come home so hungry on Wednesdays.

Well, boo hoo, it's time to leave for work. You know I love my job. I just wish I could stay home. It's spring, and that's my season. Well, summer and fall too.

Have a great day.


Jay said...

It's getting to be too hot to do exercises outside around here. Actually, the humidity is the real problem.

Anyway, I guess the school will be buzzing with some juicy gossip today!!

Happyone said...

I notice a lot of people out exercising at certain times of the year. Usually spring and fall and around New Years. Not that many of us out there every day through the COLD and HEAT!!

It does take a while to see changes when you exercise but that good feeling you get from it makes you want to keep going.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Teachers can have no secrets.

fiwa said...

Cheryl, could I borrow some of your energy? ;)

Lena said...

You are a most energetic woman! I used to walk every night with my friends at the track. We had so much fun walking and venting about the day. But one moved and then we stopped. I should have kept it up. Need to start again.

that is so funny about Em's teachers. I am sure that made their day.

Moohaa said...

When you start something like exercise, take your measurements! Measure biceps, forearms, neck, waist, chest, hips, thighs, calves, all of it. Do it every week and you'll be able to track the changes that are happening even when you can't see it or feel it.

Those girls are funny. I remember catching my english teacher outside smoking pot. Now that was gossip!

Mary said...

Teenage girls love having something to gossip about. I can just hear the giggles and whispers while they are sharing the "news" with their friends.

I wish I could and would exercise but it seems to be all I can do to get the necessities done each day.

Brad said...


Interesting word. I'll have to go look it up.

Martha said...

Hahahaha! My workouts tend to be the same. I do really well for long stretches of time and then just get distracted and don't do it. I have to say though, I started doing Pilates, which I thought I would hate, and I love it! For the first time, I'm looking forward to working out and the results are noticeable really fast. After a week, my belly was a little flatter and my jeans were a little looser around the thighs. I try not to weigh myself because I don't want to get discouraged, but I figure even if I'm not losing pounds, my body is changing. My sister recommended a Pilates DVD that features Ana Caban, and she's really excellent. I got the beginning mat workout, which offers all the "beginners" instruction on form and breathing and it's only 20minutes! I'm hoping to "graduate" to the intermediate workout soon. I was running for a while, but an ongoing problem with my knee halted that in a hurry. Bah!

heiresschild said...

hi Cheryl,

i'm like you in that i'll do some sort of exercise for a while, then, well then.... i've come down 2 whole sizes. i'm so excited. i bought some new clothes and they fit so well. the others had been big for a while, but i wanted to wait until i got to a certain point.

i do some left and arms lifts and i have an ab roller, but i've been really watching what i eat, for the most part. i really need to work on my waistline and flattening my belly a little more. ugh! i really hate exercising too.

have a great weekend, and i'll check whenever i can. i'm off to CA this saturday as my daughter was put on bedrest today until the babies come--hopefully not before august 21st.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

that is the reason why I don't own a scale, it would frustrate me to all the clouds in the sky..but I've often thought of how nice it would be if at least we could see an obvious change in our waist..

I still don't look different then when I started,..but I guess in time, right!!

Keep it up!
I love the Foreman!!


Portia said...

That's too funny about their teachers...they had to know it wouldn't be secret long:)

Enjoy the working out... however long it lasts:)

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