26 June 2008

I feel like I went away on a long vacation. I needed a vacation

Sherwood Forest is magical. It's a community in a time warp. The screened-in porch of Kit's cottage is one of my very favorite places to be. Kit and our other grade school friend, Lisa, spent many hours on the porch eating, drinking and talking. Karen (Happyone) joined us in the morning. We talked non-stop on the porch, until Lisa and Kit left to get our lunch. After lunch we took an hour-long walk. Then it was off to explore every nook and cranny of the community on the golf cart. Here's some sights from our day.

Kit and Lisa bought the best lunch at the Amish market

Our walk had a steep start

Happyone and me. It was SO hot

Do we look wilted?

Everyone gets around on golf carts. I had a blast driving

Our cottage, then some other favorites

I knew Em would love the peace sign on the bottom of this boat

I drove home today at about 5:00, changed into my bathing suit, and went to the pool. I spent about 15 minutes swimming laps, then came home and showered. It felt so good to be clean after a day of sweating. And now? I'm on my porch. Enjoying the end of a happy day.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, you look like you're having fun.

Jamie said...

From the looks of your pics, you had an awesome time! I think that's great, we all need a mini-vacation from time to time.

Back to work tomorrow?

Have a wonderful evening Cheryl.


Lena said...

Sounds like a great day!!

GREAT pics..

Happyone said...

I had a most delightful day with the three of you. Thanks for including me in your day. :-)

Jay said...

What a cool place. I love that people use golf carts to get around. Great pics!

Brad said...

What a great place - I commented on Karen's blog - when you said you were going to Sherwood Forest I googled it but all I could come up with was some place in Tennesse - knew that could be right. Glad you had fun.

Moohaa said...

That looks like such a good time! I'm so glad you were able to do that. And to finish with a cool swim... ah the cherry on top!

Have a good day!

marykay said...

How relaxing, What a pretty place, I love the boat! Girl time we all need!

marykay said...
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Mary said...

This appears to be wonderful place to spend time with good friends and relax away from the cares of the world. Glad you girls had a wonderful, relaxing visit.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

that spot looks heavenly!!
I'm glad that you and Karen got together and you had some nice laughter and sweaty memories!!! :)

Happy weekend ===almost.----:)

your friend,

Summer said...

Where is this place???

Portia said...

I'm glad you had such a fun getaway!

Mo said...

I am so happy for you! It looks like y'all had an amazing time.

Nature, food, and most importantly...time with friends.

I thank God for your blessings.

Happy late birthday by the way.

I'm such a slacker but there is something on the way...

bonnie said...

You go dude. Look at all your exercising. I'm inspired. Damn. And next time, don't bother asking me to come for lunch. I want the whole overnight experience. xoxo. Thanks for being my good friend.

kristi said...

That trip looks great!

Billy said...

I am thoroughly so very jealous right now. The watermelon bowl looks divine. I love the pictures of the cottages.

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