03 June 2008

I wanted to write a quick post to tell you that I've been reading your blogs and trying to comment, but I keep getting this error code: bX-ywst42. I'm told to report it, but they make it really hard to do so, and I haven't had time. Boo hoo.

On a good note, I ran for a solid 10 minutes with Wii Fit this morning. I ran around my house with the controller in my pocket. Running, and for 10 minutes? A miracle! I'll have to get up my nerve and try it outside. Em and JD (yes, her old boyfriend, now new boyfriend) tried some fitness stuff with the Wii last night. The pairs running. They sat on the couch and just shook the controllers. I was so mad! They said, 'we're kids!' I guess.

I just ironed a week's worth of capri's. I don't like to iron, but it will make getting dressed this week much easier. I don't have to iron any other time of year, so I guess it's not bad. I set it up in front of the TV.

Time to eat, then go off to work for the day. I wanna stay home!!!



Happyone said...

I don't really mind ironing. Kenny wears shirts and ties to work so I iron all of his shirts. I usually listen to music.

Brad said...

Hi Sweets - I was getting that error code to yesterday - It should be better now - I'm so sorry about the money did ya look really good thru the carck by the side of the seats ? made it fell down there ?

Hope your having a good Tuesday - raining here again - yuk - and I have to go downtown to the permit office today which means a 5 block hike from parking to city hall!

fiwa said...

Hey Cheryl - regarding yesterday's problem with the cash... you weren't by chance wearing the kind of jeans that have two pockets in the front, the way levis do, were you? I have stuck cash in the small pocket by mistake before, and then freaked out when I couldn't find it in the big pocket where you usually stuff everything. I hope you find it. :(

fiwa said...
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Gin said...

I got the same code a little while ago when I tried to sign on to my own blog. I just re-tried and it worked.

P.S. I'm finally working on Duma Key again! I'm loving it. I plan to finish that one soon.

Mo said...

So very proud of you!

I am trying to work my way back up to running but I am nowhere near that stage yet.

Baby steps right?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

that is awesome CheryL! Keep it up!! You and I are channeling each other!! :)


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