06 June 2008

If I get up and go, I get a lot done. If I sit on the couch with the computer, I....sit and time flies. So, it's one of those mornings. I'll write this, then start getting ready for work.

I got to my parent's house yesterday, and told my mom that I wanted us to go to the town center and take her scooter, and she was fine. This was the first time we had used the old scooter in a long time. It had stopped working right a long time ago, and my father had bought new ones that are too large for me to handle (they sold him 2 scooters for not much more than the price of one, and he uses a scooter when he goes to Atlantic City). My mom was fine with skipping Walmart, she just wanted to get out of the house. So, I put her scooter in my car, and off we went. We parked by Panera's, on the far end, and made our way over to Macy's. She wanted to look for shorts, and we found the kind she wanted, Karen Scott, and they were on sale for 40% off. Perfect. Remember, she usually only buys clothes at Walmart. So, she tried them on, and we headed over to bedding. That's when the scooter started to die. It was moving at a snails pace, literally. Then it died. I had to pay for her shorts, but it turned out the sale sign was for the tops, not the shorts, and I knew my mom didn't want to pay full price. Then, I had to push the scooter, with my mom in it, through the store. It was really, really hard to do. The back of the chair, which I was pushing, was pushing into her back, but there was nothing else I could do. Then there was no one to help us hold the door open. We managed, and I left her outside while I got the car. It put me in a bad mood. That and a phone call. So, I picked up my mom, and we drove over to our Chinese restaurant, and had our usual wonderful meals. That was the good part. Then I brought her home. No lipstick. My mom will be coming to the beach with me in August, and for many reasons (no room in the car, too heavy, etc.), the new scooter can not come, and she needs a scooter.

Time to run. It's Friday for all of you! Happy almost weekend.


Billy said...

Oh Cheryl. I can just imagine in my head what you must have endured. I would have been in a bad mood as well. Hope you have a great weekend!

Mary said...

I can only imagine how heavy a scooter would be to push. I'd have been in a bad mood, too. Glad a wonderful meal helped to save the day. At least now you know the scooter needs attention before beach time.

fiwa said...

I learned to appreciate what a pain those scooters can be, back when I broke my leg and needed to use one when we went to either Target or the grocery store. They suck!

I'm so sorry your mom's died in the mall - what a mess. That would put me in a bad mood too.

I'm glad the storms weren't too bad.

Take care of you -

Brad said...

Aww, honey that does really suck. I can't beleive no onne offered to help, and that sucks more. Glad you topped it offf with a good lunch.

About the beach, could you rent on there ?

Have a great weekend.

marykay said...

Those scooters are too heavy I had to use one for a short time, I can't imagine pushing it. Lunch with your Mom though worth it. I started reading you on your trip last year to the beach fun times! Can you get one of those things to carry the scooter on the back of your car? Have a nice weekend!

Happyone said...

Oh too bad about the scooter. I have no experience with them but can imagine how hard it would be to push. It's surprising that no one helped you.
At least you both had a great meal.
Hope your today is better and you are happy.

Jay said...

I wish those scooters were lighter. Does the one you guys took fold up somehow so it fits in the trunk? About how much do they weigh anyway? My mother probably needs one, but they would be way too heavy for her to push around and put in the car herself anyway.

Lena said...

Wow, it never occured to me that those scooters could die out. How on earth were you able to push her that far? I thought for sure, someone would offer to help a little bit at least.

Glad you got a nice lunch in so that your day with mom ended on a happy note!

Have a good weekend.

Gin said...

Wow, that's a bummer about the scooter. It's such a pain when something mechanical that we depend on breaks down. At least you had a good Chinese lunch!

I was going to say the same thing Brad said...could you rent one at the beach? That way if something goes wrong with it, they would have to replace it and you wouldn't have to deal with mechanical problems.

SOUL said...

don't those things have an override to neutral for those situations?? geesh, i would think they would have to . could it be the battery is bad and that's why it is messing up? a battery would be much cheaper than a new scooter-- any auto zone will test the battery for free. or do you have a manual for it that has a trouble shooting section?
if i were you-- i would see about the small-- cheap fixes on the one she has before lookin into a new one-- those things sure arent cheap.

i can only imagine the frustration you went through. sorry you had a rough time.

i'm only guessing on the phone call.. but if i'm right-- i feel ya girl.

anyhow-- glad to hear it ended with good food :)) food is a good thing.

i hope you have a happy -- nobody bother you - saturday :))

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, I hate days like that. I can't even imagine pushing one of those things.

I really hope today is better.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...what a day.

I was thinking what Soul said about the battery. It could easily be something that easy and cheap(ish)

Moohaa said...

I'm sorry your day ended on a down note. You're a great daughter for helping your mom out so much. I hope my kids and I stay that kind of close.

We require beach pictures- even if you're not leaving for a couple months!

Summer said...

I could feel your frustration over the scooter. I'm sorry that happened to you. Like Brad asked, can you rent one at the beach? When are you leaving?

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