30 July 2009

A day on the go

I saw Kathy yesterday for her cut and color. She mentioned that she was on her own for dinner. I told her I was on my own too. Bingo! Dinner plans were made and we had a most enjoyable meal at Momma Lucia's which just happened to be participating in Restaurant Week in our county. Kathy had never been to this restaurant before and she loved it, as did I. We had a beverage, Caesar salad, entree and dessert for the special price of $10.09! Restaurant week continues till August 9. I plan to go back. There was enough leftovers for at least another week. Bonus!

I thought I'd spend a few hours with my mom today in-between getting Emily to work at 10:30 and picking up at 4:30, then bringing to driving school at 5:45 and picking up at 8:45. I called my mom in the morning to find that her aide was coming at 10 and they were going grocery shopping. I called Karen to see what she was doing, and she said she planned to drive around and go to Walmart. We made a plan. She met me at my salon. We hung out while I got my hair colored. She watched me get my brows waxed, which is something she'd never seen before. It was a fun time. We went to Panera's for lunch and Walmart for yarn. Then we surprised my sister Lisa at her medical practice's new office. It was fascinating seeing the array of hi-tech automated machines/computers that do all the lab tests. Finally she dropped me off at my car. She did all the driving in her bright red Corvette. I wasn't afraid of her driving this time!

I haven't seen Bonnie in ages. It's time for a get-togeter!

I'm hanging at the Starbucks next to Emily's job. There wasn't enough time for me to go home, and since I had my laptop....

A few more pictures from the Cape

The Cape has so many white picket fences bedecked with roses, hydrangeas, and other assorted flowers. I'll always picture this when I think of the Cape.

My friend Bernice wants a trellis on her roof with roses. I found this little cottage with just that thing. Isn't it beautiful?

The grassy point of land in this picture is part of the Kennedy compound. I took this pic at the beach closest to Bernice's house.

Tranquil, huh?

Doorknocker with Dragonfly.

I have Rhode Island pictures to post. I'll do that soon. Emily will be off work in a minute, so it's back in the car for me.


KathyA said...

Dinner was scrumptious and the leftovers will be tonight as well!
Great Cape photos.
In the days long before security, we accidentally wandered into/onto the Kennedy Compound. We left quickly, it was truly accidental, but saw Joan Kennedy leaving her house.

Seth M. Ward said...

your pictures are the best! Have you thought about submitting your work to a photo stock company? I had a friend a few years back that just did that for a living. Not sure how you would get into it but maybe I can help research it for you. :D

Jules said...

$10.09? Why didn't they just round it up to $10.10? I've really loved your pictures, and your whole summer, BTW. Lovely :)

happyone said...

I had fun time with you too yesterday. Glad I didn't scare you this time! :-)
Love the pictures.

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