20 October 2009

Today was flu shot day. I was lucky to get one. Emily was too. Neither one of us has ever had the flu; I think I'm immune. Yeah, I know. I'm playing with fire saying something like that. Maybe it's because despite how many people I come into contact with in my line of work, I've never had it? Who knows. I hope I keep on being lucky. Lots of kids at Emily's school are out sick. I don't know if it's the flu but they're being very vigilant. We just put up Purell dispensers at my salon. I hope we don't get the flu or pass it along.

On a brighter note, it's been a gorgeous day. It hit 70 sunny degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be even better. It was a short work day for me. I was off early for a field hockey game that was canceled. I picked up Emily from school...no practice because so many kids are sick. I came home and sat on my porch in the sun. I'm appreciating every nice day that we have left. Do we really need winter?


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I got my flu shot today too. My allergist's office had only a couple left, and if I wasn't listed as asthmatic, I would not have received one.

Lynx217 said...

I vote no to winter!

KathyA said...

Waiting to get the H1N1 shot.
No, we don't need winter. Days like today are perfect!

SOUL said...

glad y'all got your shots--
i got mine a couple weeks ago-- soulkid is next in a couple days.
yep-- me too-- no winter-- let it roll on past--

happyone said...

We need winter to appreciate the summer! :-)

Jamie said...

Nope, I don't think we do need winter. Let's just call it off, okay?

Happy Thursday...you don't work today, do you?Well then, have FUN. Hugs. :)

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