23 November 2009

Here I am

I just clicked on Reader and saw that I'm 173 posts behind. How can that be? How can I ever catch up? The answer is that I can't. I'm sure a lot of us are in that same bind. If you don't read every day, this is what happens. If I don't stop by your blog, I'm still there with you in mind and you know that, right?

It was a good 'weekend' but too short! We have a big break coming up. The salon is closed for 5 days, starting on Thursday. Woo hoo to that! It means that we work today, my Sunday. It's a 3-day workweek, so I'm not allowed to complain and I won't. Well, you know. I'll complain a little. So, Saturday was pretty great. I met my new 'friend' at Borders. Perfect place for me, right? We spent a few hours talking. We had plans with our mutual friends to meet for dinner. We walked around Borders, then Target while we were passing the time. Dinner with friends was great. Here's a funny. While reading the dessert menu, someone at the table said they could use some reading glasses. Our waiter Boris (a made-up name, I'm sure) said they have a basket of readers just for that purpose. No-way. I thought, I have to blog about this. Sure enough, he brought them over. Later I got to thinking they were probably left-behind glasses. Un-sanitized. Glad I didn't need them. I came home afterward and spent some good time with Emily. So all in all, a good night. Yesterday I dropped Emily at her boyfriend's so she could go to church with them, then out on their new yacht. You heard me right. I walked around the marina in his neighborhood for a bit to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I spent a bunch of time with my mom. We had pizza for lunch. Went grocery shopping together. I ran into Sears and bought a new hedge trimmer. Ran into Starbucks and bought this year's Christmas ornaments. Did stuff around her house, etc. It was a nice visit. Just as I was leaving Kit called me up and I drove over to her house to walk with her. We did a 30 minute brisk walk. Perfect. It was time for me to leave to get Emily from the boyfriend's house. I got there at the prescribed time, and immediately got a call from Emily saying they were stuck at the restaurant in Kent Island, waiting for the family friend to pick them up and bring them back to their house. Wah. I had to sit in my cold car in the dark for 45 minutes waiting. Luckily I have my iPhone so I was able to pass the time. Her being so late meant she had to miss the orientation for her new job. Luckily they'll allow her to do it today. Gosh am I rambling here. She was hired at American Eagle for the holiday season. She's going to be great there. They had a group interview. One of the questions they were asked was, what would they say to a parent looking for help with shopping for their child. Emily's first question for them was if they were looking for a complete outfit or separates. Did their child like skinny jeans, favorite boyfriend jeans, boot cut jeans, etc. Did they like to layer their tops, etc. That's my girl. She knows their clothes and could be a poster child for AE. If she turns out to be a good producer, they could keep her on. Anyway, the rest of the night was spent watching TV. Fringe. I don't think I like that show any more. It's too strange and half the time I have to cover my eyes so I don't see the gory stuff.

So, Thanksgiving is upon us. What are your plans? I have some cooking to do, and will go to my cousin's, as usual. If I have my count right, we'll be at least 38 strong. I can't wait.

I plan to be busy in my days off. I have major raking to do. I have to trim all the hedges so I can put the Christmas lights on them. I plan to totally decorate for Christmas. I'll be very busy. Hopefully happy and busy.

With that, I wish you a happy Monday.


happyone said...

Sounds like you've been keeping busy.
I still like Fringe but I quit watching V a couple of weeks ago.
My mom and step-dad coming down for Thanksgiving and Kenny will be here too. It will be quiet but nice. I'm looking forward to it.

KathyA said...

Wow! I didn't know you were working today! That makes sense, though. I got all the grocery shopping done this morning. What restaurant on Kent Island did they visit?

Moohaa said...

Busy busy girl! Sheesh!

We are having a small Thanksgiving as always. We prefer it that way. Not that we have a choice.

Hoping you have a peace filled and enjoyable week!

Leann said...

I was SO at the 'unsanitary' on the glasses before you mentioned it. ewwwwww

Sounds like the group Thanksgiving will be fun. Always loved that as a kid. The games, the jokes, the conversations. Enjoy.

Lauralew said...

Hi, I saw you at Leann's blog and you sounded familiar. A month ago yours was a Google Reader suggested blog for me and I had checked you out then. I was thinking the other day I'd like to look at your blog again but couldn't remember your name--then you showed up at Leann's! Fun. Have a great Thanksgiving.

BTW I added you to my reader so I would not lose track of your blog again!

Jamie said...

What a great, "newsy" post, Cheryl! I love your attitude, I love your life. How is it going with the new "friend"? What does Em think of your new friendship? Yea for Em and AE. She is perfect for that job.

Have a beautiful day today. There is so much to be thankful for, isn't there? Hugs. :)

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