19 November 2009

The real thing

I'm a bad blogger. I'm a bad blogging friend. There. I've said it. I haven't kept up with posting on a regular basis. I haven't kept up with reading your blogs. I've been at Borders for hours now and I've been writing e-mails instead of blogging.

So, yeah, I met a guy. Rob. He seems pretty wonderful. I've had a smile on my face all week long. I was convinced, not willingly, to meet him through one of my co-workers. I went to her house on Saturday to meet him, in a casual setting with her kids and husband and nephew there. I didn't dress up. I wasn't nervous. We hit it off from first sight. We talked for hours. We've e-mailed every day. He's going to meet me at Borders on Saturday. We'll probably spend our time grinning.

I've been preoccupied with a book I couldn't put down, and finished it yesterday. The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf. My mother gave it to me at least a month ago, saying she couldn't put it down. I've had it in my car, my house and at work without turning the first page. I brought it to Sherwood with me on Monday and once I started, all I wanted to do was read. I couldn't put it down. I have a few other books I've been carrying around. Maybe I'll start one of them too.

I had a great time at Sherwood Forest on Monday. I got there a few hours before Kit. I walked down to the dock, book in hand. My Great Blue Heron was on the dock, waiting for me.

I wish I had a camera with a better optical zoom. I hope my camera breaks before the warranty expires so I can get a new one. It happened last time. Anyway, it's so beautiful there. It was just me on the dock with the sun shining and the river surrounded by what's left of the autumn leaves. I stayed for hours. The walk back to the cottage had me laughing. I didn't realize how steep the winding road was. I remembered the golf car not having enough power to get us up the hill and Kit having to push it with me steering. Kit got to the cottage and we had the soup I made that day, then I had to leave to get Emily and come home.

I've been here at Borders for 3 hours! I've had way too much caffeine. Whew.

I'm wearing my jeans and they're no longer uncomfortably tight. What a great feeling. Hopefully I can keep my good eating habits up as the holidays approach. Thanksgiving won't be hard. It's the in-between time before Christmas that's bad. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I can't wait to eat that meal. And spend time with the family, of course. I always bring home one of the turkey carcasses. My thank-you for being the carver. Last year I made a wonderful soup that starts with roasting the dry turkey bones. It was fabulous. I also made a recipe called Turkey Curry in a Hurry that was fantastic. It was only quick if you already had the roasted veggies. I'll make both recipes again.

It's noon and I should go. I still have a bunch of things to do today, and if I don't get started....

Hope your Thursday is a great one!


Jules said...

Wow for a bad blogger, you did some great catching us up! Newsy little post. But we all understand that you are in love now and have no more time for us.... sniff....

happyone said...

So glad to hear you have met someone you really like.
I look forward to meeting him.

KathyA said...

Welcome back! I thought something was up!!!

Cheryl said...

Jules, you're funny. I'm in like, not love. It could turn out to be nothing. Or a friendship. Who knows? I don't want to make too big of a deal out of it. And my title, The Real Thing? I meant a real post. I just got home and have a few phone calls to make, then I'm sitting back and reading blogs, like a good blogger would. Oh, and I'm waiting for the caffeine to wear off. Too much!

Lena said...

So glad you and Rob hit it off! How nice for you.

Love the photo!

thanks for the book recommendation!

Mary said...

Here's to fabulous "grinning" good time at Borders. I know better than most folks how these comfortable "grinning" friendships can develop over time. I'm happy for you.

Moohaa said...

You are so NOT a bad blogging friend. Good grief.

I am so stinkin happy for you I am grinning all the way over here on the west coast! I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to here more about your new friend. Big huge hugs!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I've been reading your blog for awhile now and that's great news. I wish you the best. You seem like such a fabulous person. :)

SOUL said...

hey lady-- lots goin on round your place i see.
and a guy too. sounds good. i hope that works out. sounds like it's goin in the right direction so far. maybe you'll find him in your christmas stocking on christmas morning? :))


you aren't a bad blogger-- if you are-- that makes me even worse.
lets just say life is gettin in the way-- we just need to get up earlier or stay up later-- or beg forgiveness :))

hope you have a great weekend C-

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope this relationship works out really well. And congrats on the jeans fitting again.

Billy said...

As you can see... I am way behind on your posts! I had to come back to find this one.

Wow! Great Cheryl! He's super cute and you both make a lovely couple!


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