24 February 2010

Mostly about naught

This is the post I meant to write on Monday. So, consider it that, OK?

I've had a lot of fun watching the progress of my ice melting 'snake'. I don't know if it served the purpose of melting the ice, but it sure kept me entertained.

I drove Rob to Havre de Grace on Monday. It was my first time seeing the town. It's on the Chesapeake Bay and the 'downtown' is really old with lots of Victorian houses, Bed and Breakfasts, and small shops. The 'main street' looks like it's suffered over the years, but like a lot of towns, they're working on revitalizing it. I can't wait till nicer weather to explore. We went to a diner for lunch and guess what was first on the list of specials and what I talked about wanting in my last post? Reubens. I didn't even have to look at the menu. It was the best Reuben sandwich I've ever had, served open face with perfect fries. The waitress, Kitty, younger than me, called me sweetheart and honey. It was great. I took out my camera to take a picture and Rob was surprised. He learned something new: I take pictures of my food.

I could write more, but I keep on getting side-tracked, so I'm just going to quit here. Tomorrow I'll write more. I'm sure that maybe I'll probably do that.


Jules said...

Ha ha..... I have the same problem! breaking in a new guy to the fact the you take pictures before you eat. He'll get used to it.

I miss visiting with you. I've been sidetracked lately. Apologies.

Leann said...

I love taking pics with my phone. People look at me oddly but it entertains me. :-)

kristi said...

That looks yummy!

KathyA said...

My mouth is watering. You need to give me the name of this diner! So was he surprised you take photos of your food?

fiwa said...

I could go face first into that sammy. YUM!
Sounds like a neat place to explore.

Cindy said...

YUMMO! Reubens are my favorite. I live near Omaha where the famous Blackstone Hotel was, the home of the Reubin Sandwich.

SOUL said...

you think folks would understand-- but they don't-- he'll still look at you funny ten years from now ( figurin he's still around)-
my family thinks i'm a whack job for takin pix of weird stuff -- and they've known me for what may as well be forever.
go figure.

next time -- take a pic of HIS food :))

Jamie said...

I'm all caught up with you now. I have decided that you are my hero...you can do anything and often do. Keep at it, it's what keeps you young.

I hope you find a reasonably priced car for Em.
You and Rob are the cutest, ever.
What happens to you when you have caffeine (sp) and have to work?

Happy Friday. Ahhhh...Friday.

Hugs. :)

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