23 August 2010

Oh, what a day

What a day. There's a price to pay for ignoring your house and just having fun on your days off. My house is always neat (don't look in my closets, OK?). But clean? My kitchen floor finally bothered me enough that I knew it was cleaning day, like it or not. I didn't like it. The day started with Rob and me sitting on the porch. Breezy and nice. We cleared some stuff out from under my deck that I hope trash pick-up will take tomorrow. Rob stacked the extra bags of mulch that have been on the side of my driveway since Spring under the deck. He left and I got to work. I worked non-stop for hours. You know how one thing leads to another? You mop the floor and notice the grill thingie on the bottom of your refrigerator and can't believe how dirty it is? Then when you're down there cleaning you see how dirty the outside of your refrigerator is? And you open the door and see all the crumbs and stuff on the shelves? And how dirty it is around the handle of the pantry door? You vacuum and see all the spots on your carpet and get out the Woolite spray rug cleaner and start on each spot? Then you lift up the couch cushion while you're down on the ground and see all the crumbs? You move the big over-grown plant while you're vacuuming and see all the dead leaves that have to come off? It was that kind of day. And I was so hungry, but every time I thought of eating, something else caught my eye. I got a lot done, but there's so much more. I'm going to write a list, and do some every day. Or so. And shoes off!! And no spilling! It was such a beautiful day. My plan was to clean for about 2-3 hours, then mow the lawn, then go to the pool. I was going to bring my bookclub book that I don't want to read. By the time I finished cleaning it was at least 4:30. The sky was looking iffy. I put my shoes on to mow. Then I thought, NO. I'm going swimming. If it's going to rain, I want to spend my outside time swimming laps. So I threw on my suit and went to the pool. The sky was magnificent! Layers of every kind of cloud. The whitest-white blossoms of clouds, alongside dark ominous ones. I wanted to take pictures. I thought how cool it would be looking up while doing the backstroke. The pool was almost deserted. The two lifeguards were throwing around a football. There was only one other person there. Perfect! Except I couldn't find my goggles. That's never happened. I keep them in my bag. Always. I had to go home. I couldn't find them. I couldn't find my other pairs. I decided it just wasn't meant to be, and resigned myself to mowing. In my cover-up. I sat on my porch afterward, sweating. I saw a hummingbird moth and decided to take pictures. I couldn't get a good image, then decided to take pictures of my inanimate garden creatures. Without bug spray. In a sleeveless cover-up. Not a good idea. I thought the shower would relieve the crazy itch of a million mosquito bites. Nope. Willpower did that.
Garden buddies

I made dinner. In order of what tasted the best? Shrimp, tea, squash, cantaloupe. The first two were great. The last two not so much. It left me wanting candy.

I made my lunches for the next two days. And here I am. After I post this I'm going to read in bed. Yeah, that book. And listen to the rain.

It really wasn't a terrible day. It was a necessary one.


Jules said...

Oh, oh, oh...... I am so on board with this post. What happens to a house?? I live alone and I am pretty neat and clean.

OH YEAH? Except for the layer of dust on top of the curtains in my bedroom that I just noticed. It's like, two fingers thick. SIGH **** Just imagine what my garage looks like! The repository for everything I don't want to deal with.

What are you reading?

happyone said...

I guess we can all relate to the house cleaning. There is ALWAYS something that could be cleaned.
I love clouds like that!!

Lena said...

Yes, it is awful to miss a beautiful day to clean, but when motivation to clean comes, you have to go with the flow.

KathyA said...

I love reading in bed! I also love your garden friends.
I had always wondered what those things were!!!! They look like flying lobsters! Hummingbird moth...huh!

Jamie said...

I think my kitty Meisha took your goggles, too. And chewed through the strap, just like she has done with about a zillion of mine.

You have so much energy. You are always my inspiration.

Hugs, honey. :)

Rick Rockhill said...

A few weeks ago I realize my house had gotten out of control, so I actually called one of those cleaning services to have them do the floors and windows while I went to town on the rest. It was cathartic for me.

Oh Cheryl I have to tell you I **LOVE** the garden gnomes! I like most of the garden sculptures, but I like gnomes especially! Fun post.

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