09 December 2010

It's only a filler

It's been a long time! I just checked to see when I'd last written. Time flies, right? I've been eating. I mean working and shopping and watching TV and stuff like that. Nothing too exciting. I had my book club over on Sunday and a great time was had by all. The house is decorated and waiting for the next party. The gifts are almost bought. Mundane. I'm cold. We're all cold, right? I'd much rather be warm.

And that's my 'filler' post. I'll have to make sure I write again on Saturday after I've had my fix. My feel-good-energy-boosting-creativity-coffee-fix.


Jamie said...

Filler post or regular post, I love catching up with your life. You are so busy all the time and have so much energy. An inspiration for many, me included. Have a great Friday Cheryl. Hugs. :)

KathyA said...

Hi! Glad to hear from you -- always! See you soon. :)

Leann said...

Cold...oh yes...cold. I may have to visit Jules in Arizona in January or so to get my warm fix to complete the winter. I wonder if I should tell her :-)

Marsha said...

Ditto Jamies' comment. Merry Christmas and may God Bless you and yours. Thank you for existing.

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