19 December 2010

I willed it, and it happened

I faked it. I pretended I wasn't sick. I didn't want my guests to think they were in a sick house. My voice was totally croaky, but I said I felt fine. Actually, I didn't feel too bad. And I didn't look sick. The party was really nice. It was a small group this year...21 of us. Two couples canceled because of the stomach bug, and a few didn't show. I've never had the stomach bug or the flu, thank goodness. One of the nice things about having a smaller crowd was that I had the opportunity to talk to everyone. I still missed the friends who weren't here. The food was delicious. A few friends brought appetizers to supplement what I'd made. Many people brought desserts. It was an epicurean delight! Everyone who brought beer brought 2 6-packs. I had two cases of beer that weren't touched. Only one bottle of my wine was drunk. So...it looks like another party needs to be planned and I'll have to insist everyone drinks. Kidding. My brother likes beer. He's about to get a present. Here's some pictures from the party. I think if you click on slide show and full screen you'll get the best view. Warning...lots of pics of Rob and me.

Holiday Party 2010

Rob helped me clean up after all my friends left. When I went to wash up, I was shocked to see how red and glassy my eyes were. With the make-up off, I looked as sick as I was finally feeling. I slept horribly, and went downstairs early this morning with my pillow and blanket and hung out on the couch. Rob did lots of the cleaning up. Lucky me! I've spent the day napping and resting and drinking lots of tea. And eating! I didn't lose my appetite and I can still taste. Yeah! I don't remember ever feeling this bad. My only worry is about how I'll feel tomorrow. I have an early, unrelated doctor's appointment. The salon is open because of the holiday and I'm scheduled for a full day. I really need another day like today to rest up, but I don't think I'll have it. It's so hard to call out sick in my line of work. We joke, but my clients agree that they'd rather have me sick than not have me. We have Germ-X and Lysol. I'll just have to wait and see and probably fake it. I could count on less than 2 hands how many times I've called out sick in the almost 24 years I've worked in my salon. I hardly ever get sick, and when I do, I work. It's ingrained.

Anyway, I can relax now. I'm ready for Christmas. No stresses left. Ho ho ho!


Leann said...

I love your home. It's very inviting. I do hope you get to feeling better soon. Feeling under the weather sucks..especially during the holiday.

Check out the orb in picture number 33. Enjoyed seeing everyone having such a good time.

Blessings and get well soon!!


happyone said...

We had a great time at the party. You faked it well. Hope your feeling better by now.
I drank two Guinness! :-)

KathyA said...

So now I'm famous for my stomach bug! So sorry I missed the party -- it's better that we stayed here. Still suffering, but I'm hell bound and determined to get better today!!

Whoa: glassy and red-eyed! Frightening!!

"Professor" M. said...

I seriously hope you feel better soon. May your day at work go smoothly!

Lena said...

Your house looked so beautiful and cozy. Glad you had a good time. So glad you and Rob are still going strong and that he was such a big help to you.

Feel better soon!

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